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Human Resources Management and Job Assignment

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Analyzing a Job assignment.

Research websites that summarize compensation and benefit plans consistent with the job analysis chosen for the research. Examples of websites include but are not restricted to the following:

â?¢ Society For Human Resource Management
â?¢ Salary.com

Write a proposal of no more than 400 words on a compensation and benefits plan that meets the needs of the employee and the organization. Complete the following in your proposal:

â?¢ Justify your chosen approach. Please see attachment

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Step 1
The position will have a salary of $70,000 per annum. In addition, the Direct Support Professional/Behavioral Health Specialist will get health insurance, 401K employer match, paid vacation and sick time of two days per month. There will be five additional days leave after the person reaches five year mark. The employee will get life insurance coverage equal to one year's salary that is $70,000 with the option to purchase additional coverage. The employee will also get stock options that will enable him to buy stocks at a set price. There is however, a waiting period of three years after which the stocks can be sold.
There are other company benefits for which the Direct Support Professional/Behavioral Health Specialist ...

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