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    Self Reflection - Are you Qualified for the HR Mgr. Role?

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    Given what you presented in your HR leader profile (in the previous post) titled "Defining International HR Functions," consider your own skills and ambitions:

    -Would you want this job?
    -What skills would you need to develop to be extraordinary in the job?
    -If you would not want the job, what other role would you want in a global organization?
    -What skills would you need to develop to be extraordinary in it? Be specific.

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    After all of the research on the HR Director position, I believe it would be a very exciting job for me. Being in a position that can positively impact the lives of so many people and also being able to work in new cultures around the globe would be a life changing experience. In order to be great at this role would require a lot of training ...

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    Summary and Analysis from the first person perspective on meeting the necessary requirements to successfully obtain the HR Mgr. role.