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Rodelofo's Post Role-Play Reflection

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Wk#2 The Missed Promotion

In accordance with the Rodolfo's Questions and Answers to the Post Role-Play Reflection below. What is your opinion on RODOLFO's ANSWERS to Questions 1 thru 6 below?


1. My role was an employee.

2. I was told that the interview process was hard because all of the candidates were equally qualified. They decided to go with another person for the promotion.

3. Strongly Somewhat Somewhat Strongly
Disagree Disagree Agree Agree

1. This meeting was successful
I somewhat agree that this meeting was successful because I got to hear their reason for choosing the other candidate.

2. We reached a fair result
I still somewhat disagree that we reached a fair result. All they told me was that the winning candidate was slightly better qualified than I was.

3. I feel satisfied with this meeting
I strongly disagree that I am satisfied with this meeting. I was not satisfied because I was not truly convinced that they picked the right candidates based on the meeting we had.

4. My partner feels satisfied with this meeting
I somewhat agree that my partner feels satisfied with the meeting. My partner was able to give me his side on why they went with the other candidate.


1) Describe what happened when you tried to discuss the promotion with the other side, from your perspective. Was it successful?

ANS) When I went to the office I sat down with my supervisor and he told me why I was passed on for a promotion. It was successful for that reason only. I showed him why I felt that I was qualified for the promotion but the outcome was still the same.

2) Were you more concerned with distributive, procedural or interactional justice?

ANS) I would be more concerned with procedural justice because there are methods and procedures in place that can lead to a fair outcome. I prefer to know what needs to be accomplished and the goals that need to be completed.

3) What attitudes or behaviors lead you to this conclusion?

ANS) I gave them a fair chance to explain why they chose who they chose but I still feel that I need more explanation. Maybe my supervisor had a little more favoritism towards the winning candidate.

4) Do managers and employees tend to emphasize different aspects of justice? How does that influence perceptions of fairness?

ANS) I like to think so because even as individuals outside the work environment we have different aspects of justice with the justice system. There are some people who are truly never happy with any outcome unless it benefits them 100%. Some people don't believe in compromises.

5) How can perceptions of justice affect motivation and job satisfaction (topics covered in this module)?

ANS) If an employee feels that they were treated unjust their work performance, productivity, and morale drop.

6) What are the implications of what you have learned from this exercise for your future actions as a manager or a leader in your organization?

ANS) I have learned that managers and employees will usually have different aspects of justice. There are also employees that will never be happy unless they get what they want 100% of the time. Some employees can't take criticism well and will probably end up delivering poor performance. Some managers fail to properly express themselves in an effective manner.

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