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Tina's Post Role-Play Reflection

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Wk#2 The Missed Promotion

In accordance with the Questions and Answers to TINA's Post Role-Play Reflection below. What is your opinion to TINA's ANSWERS to QUESTIONS a thru f below?


Post Role Play Reflections
My role was the Manager.
The meeting went well; I discussed the outcome of the promotion board with Sam. We also worked together to establish goals for Sam to improve his chance for the next promotion opportunity. We also discussed leadership/management classes and seminars for Sam. I believe that Sam and I both learned from this meeting.
Strongly Somewhat Somewhat Strongly
Disagree Disagree Agree Agree
This meeting was successful X
Why? The meeting was successful because Sam and I were able to establish goals for Sam to improve his leadership and management skills to make him more marketable for upcoming promotion opportunities.

We reached a fair result X
Why? Yes, I believe we reached a fair result as I was able to give Sam information about the promotion board results. He was also receptive of establishing goals and looking into taking some leadership/management classes. Same left the meeting still feeling slightly dejected for not being promoted but also knowing what he needs to do to improve his chances next time.

I feel satisfied with this meeting X
Why? I feel satisfied with the meeting since I was able to explain to Sam why he was not chosen as well as help him set up goals to improve his chances next time. I also made sure Sam understood that my door was always open and I was always available to discuss any issues that are concerning him or if he ever needs advice.

My partner feels satisfied with this meeting X
Why? I feel Sam is pretty satisfied with the meeting and all we discussed concerning the results and his future goals. I don't feel he is fully satisfied since he still walks away from the meeting without the promotion he felt he needed. I believe it will take him some time to come to terms with everything we discussed as to why he was not promoted but he is positive about improving his chances for future opportunities.

QUESTIONS A thru F??????????

a.) Describe what happened when you tried to discuss the promotion with the other side, from your perspective. Was it successful?

I believe the meeting was successful and that we both came out of the meeting knowing a little bit more about each other and what we both need to do to improve. I was able to explain to Sam the promotion board results and we discussed what improvements Sam can make to give him the upper edge for the next promotion opportunity. We discussed possible management seminars and classes and I requested upcoming dates from my leadership. Once these dates come in Sam and I will sit down to see when we will be able to schedule him.

b.) Were you more concerned with distributive, procedural or interactional justice?

I was more concerned with procedural and distributive since I wanted to discuss the outcome of the board results and talk to Sam about how he can take other classes or seminars to make him more marketable when the next promotion opportunity presents itself.

c.) What attitudes or behaviors lead you to this conclusion?

The attributes that lead me to this conclusion is the fact that we discussed the board results and also the methods and procedures available to highlight himself during the next promotion.

d.) Do managers and employees tend to emphasize different aspects of justice? How does that influence perceptions of fairness?

Yes, they do tend to emphasize the aspects of justice. An employee will look at why the board did not select him while a manager tends to look at the ways to make improvements so that you stand out among the other candidates. The manager will look at all of the candidates and choose the best qualified while the employee will wonder what he or she did wrong and wonder why they were not chosen when they feel they are fully qualified for the promotion.

e.) How can perceptions of justice affect motivation and job satisfaction (topics covered in this module)?

Perceptions of justice (or injustice) can affect motivation and job satisfaction both positively and negatively depending on the situation. Perceptions of injustice can cause an employee to become less motivated and begin to slack with their job becoming insufficient. This will all lead to them having a decrease in job satisfaction. If a person feels they are being treated justly they will continue to perform stellar work, their motivation will remain the same or even increase and they will continue to have good job satisfaction.

f.) What are the implications of what you have learned from this exercise for your future actions as a manager or a leader in your organization?

I feel like I have seen a new side of myself and the way I am as a manager. I have learned that depending on the situation and the employee, I will need to make adjustments to the type of meeting. I might have to be more feeling and get the employee to open up or I might just have to dive into the situation and state the facts. I do know that I need to ensure the employee leaves the meeting understanding why we needed to have the meeting and feeling better about the situation than he did before the meeting.

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