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The Missed Promotion Exercise

1) What is your opinon on the questions below?

Employee Scenario

1) Describe your goal for this meeting. What would make it successful?
***The goal for this meeting should be to gauge the reasons for why I wasn't promoted while acknowledging to myself that a myriad of factors are at play in promotions and credentials alone don't justify promoting someone. Charisma, leadership abilities, and tenure also are some of the reasons for why people get promoted before others if the company views these people as more beneficial to the company. Therefore, I would make the goal about seeking what areas I need to improve upon if the promotion was based upon other strengths that I currently don't possess. Antagonism shouldn't be on display in other words.

2) What do you think Chris's goal for meeting is?
***Chris's goal should be to relay to the employee why the decision was made to pass over the qualified employee for a promotion. Chris should explicitly outline the decision-making process that led to me not receiving the promotion to ensure that the employee remains organizationally committed to producing the most optimal work output despite my personal feelings regarding the promotion. If Chris can dictate to the employee competent and concise reasons for why I wasn't promoted, I will understand what is necessary to raise my work performance in areas that I may suffer to ensure that I receive a promotion in the near future, which will assist both the company as well as myself.

3) How will you reach your goal? What approach will you use?
***The approach to use is one of professionalism. Professionalism should always be displayed even when dealing with unsavory circumstances. If I'm professional about not being promoted, it will impart upon the manager that I can maintain my professionalism in all scenarios, which is necessary for higher positions within the company. I would expect Chris to understand this as he must always remain professional even when employees choose an alternative approach such as becoming irate or furious for being passed over for promotions.

4) Describe any other issues or concerns you have about the meeting.
***The only other issue or concern that I would be on alert for would be if any unethical reasons such as cronyism or favoritism as well as discrimination were behind the reason I didn't get promoted. I would ensure that I remained professional while deducing Chris's response even if this was the case, but I would ensure that I had the necessary information to immediately report ant unethical reasons to the proper authorities within the company as well as potentially to the EEOC.

Now read the following post-role-play reflection, jot down your answers to the questions, and fill in the table. You will attach this table to your first post as you did in week one above.

Post Role-Play Reflection for all Roles

1) What was your role? MANAGER EMPLOYEE
2) Briefly summarize the meeting. What was the result?
3) Please rate youe agreement with each statement below, and then give a brief explanation for your answer.

Strongly Somewhat Somewhat Strongly
Disagree Disagree Agree Agree
This meeting was successful

We reached a fair result

I feel satisified with this meeting

My partner feels satisified with ths meeting

In the discussion this week, you will post comments responding to the following questions (30 minutes):
a. Describe what happened when you tried to discuss the promotion with the other side, from your perspective. Was it successful?
b. Were you more concerned with distributive, procedural or interactional justice?
c. What attitudes or behaviors lead you to this conclusion?
d. Do managers and employees tend to emphasize different aspects of justice? How does that influence perceptions of fairness?
e. How can perceptions of justice affect motivation and job satisfaction (topics covered in this module)?
f. What are the implications of what you have learned from this exercise for your future actions as a manager or a leader in your organization

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1) What was your role? MANAGER EMPLOYEE

2) Briefly summarize the meeting. What was the result?

The meeting was predicated upon two professionals acting respectively in a professional manner. The employee set aside their emotions to talk with the manager while the manager understood that the employee was still employed, and this required for the manager to ensure that the employee felt validated and respected despite being passed over for the promotion.

3) Please rate youe agreement with each statement ...

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Describe your goal for this meeting. What would make it successful?