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On-Line Teaching

1. Why do you want to teach online? What do you see as the benefits of an online education to both the instructor and student?

2. What actions would you take in your online course if a student was "flaming"? Do you have experience handling inappropriate postings by students?

3. How do you feel about utilizing a standardized curriculum?

4. A student is having difficulty with course material. He/she is active in the course and participating in threaded discussions, yet their assignments do not reflect an understanding of the material. How would you work through these issues?

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I want to teach online because of the convenience it affords in my life. I live out of the United States and still wish to pursue my teaching career in the States, online teaching affords me the capability to teach anywhere in the world. The benefits of online education for both students and teachers are that it affords them the ability to work or study on their own time. Students who have families, are in the military, or have other obligations that prevent them from going to brick and mortar institutions have the ability ...

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Rationale for online teaching.