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The Cycle of Literacy Coaching Model

Please provide a reflection on the cycle of literacy coaching model including a pre-conference, an instructional event, and a post-conference. It must show how to collect data and must include an introduction, a description, and a reflection of the process and a conclusion.

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As a trained literacy coach, I must tell you that reflection is an absolutely key element to all coaching.

While I cannot write this for you, I understand the process you need to write about and I can guide you through this composition process so you can gain an understanding of the assignment on a step-by-step basis as well as any necessary revision or dialogue that you may need in order to deliver an excellent assignment.

There are many cycles of literacy, but the one you quoted in your assignment is the most common (and the one I prefer when I am coaching a client). It includes, as you mentioned, a pre-conference, instructional event or events, and a post-conference. I am going to go through these step by step in order to give you the best possible instruction.

Pre-conference: A pre-conference can consist of a literacy coach gathering what they think they will need before a conference based on prior information, if available, or the first initial meeting with a client. It consists of a lot of dialogue about the goals both the coach and the client want to achieve from the overall experience. For example, recently a client of mine said in our pre-conference that her biggest goal was to help her students with vocabulary from the text she was teaching. As her coach, I made notes about what type of vocabulary she was having trouble with. I asked her for the text. I wanted to see her grading, her assessments. I wanted to know about ...

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