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    Performance Diagnostic Coaching Model Case Study

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    Hi MS. Jones, Thank you for your help so far. I need your input on the following case:

    You are the manager coach in the workplace scenario on the following page.

    Refer to the "Joe Chaney" case and then answer the following questions, from the perspective of being Joe's manager/coach.

    1? Utilize the performance diagnostic model. Think of the possible causes of interference and integrate those as well.

    2? What questions could you ask Joe that would help you determine, from his point of view, the obstacles to his achievement of high performance?

    3? Design a coaching program (start-to-finish) that you could use to work with Joe to help him achieve his performance potential. What action steps might be incorporated in this program?

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    The solution, a Performance Diagnostics & Proposed Coaching Program for a sample case-study subject (Joe Chaney - whose personal file is also included) is attached as a word file essay following APA-format. The case provides an analytical model of the professional performance and personal/personality issues & persuasions the subject has that impedes his growth professionally and socially in an architectural firm (see original problem). A coaching program is provided to determine areas of improvement and approaches/methods to follow in relation to the subject's experience, social situation and aspirations. References are provided.