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    Building Leadership Teams

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    Now you are on your way to building a leadership team, communicating your expectations, and solidifying group expectations. Identify at least two guiding principles that will help your company respect the local cultural norms and avoid conflicts in a global employee base. How will you demonstrate that these are your ethical values?

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    Understanding the intricacies of different cultures and the behaviors that employees around the globe are accustomed too will be the key to our success in our operational facilities abroad. Human resource data collected from a broad range of MNC's shows that the more a company grasps the cultures and norms of the employees they are depending on will return the largest benefit to the organization as a whole (Brewster, 2005). To ensure that our company is a setting a positive example in the global regions in which we operate, we will be lead by a core set of principles that will guide our actions and our behaviors and ...

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    Building leadership teams are examined. The global employee based are determined.