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Properly and Poorly aligned IT Teams

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Personnel in Technology Paper

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This document will discuss the necessary steps that are needed to build an effective technology support team. In researching these steps, issues such as personalities will be discussed and how such personalities can affect the overall goal and operation of the technical staff and how the IT manager can be successful in his or her leadership role.
Building an Effective IT Team Step-by-Step

Information Technology is at the forefront of every business today, whether it is a simple website or email document to universities teaching classes online and doctors reviewing medical records all over the world in an instant. Each company has one thing in common; the IT department is the heartbeat of the company. Without it, many functions will cease to exist. Poor leadership can take the IT department to failing levels. The steps discussed will avoid the falter and focus on the positive aspects of teambuilding.

Step One

To build an effective IT department, IT manager must understand the concept of the business's needs and the politics that come along with team building. Once the manager understands the needs of the company, he or she must now put on the leader hat and use the following steps:

1. Drive the process that promotes team building.
2. Shape the performance that will best outline the team's expectations.
3. Be the team's mentor. Coach the team for success through communication and providing direction.

The IT manager knows the company's needs and now has set forth the guidelines for successful implementation. Communication is the most important step of all, as without communication the team ...

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The solution discusses, Properly aligned teams can bring the IT department many successes. Poorly aligned teams can bring the IT department many problems. Lack of leadership and communication are the two key issues for teamwork and leadership roles. The steps discussed in this document will assist the IT manager in his or her role and bring the department to the level it needs to be.

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