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    Resource Scarcity and the Market for Healthcare Services

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    How does resource scarcity influences the market for a health care good or service, such as blood and organ donation, or nursing care facilities and describe choices stakeholders must make.

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    Resource scarcity affects the market for a health care good or service in the regard that there is an immediate need to solve the dilemma. If there is a shortage in the blood banks, the marketing and community outreach efforts are ramped up to let the public know that the need exists. Typically with something such as blood donation a public campaign is enough to get people donating. With something more critical, such as organ donation, the need always exists and there is always a shortage. That is because there is more of a personal impact on the person ...

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    This solution discusses how resources scarcity affects the market for organ and blood donation. The solution provides some modern examples of strategies that are being employed to address such medical resource scarcity. Additionally, this solution includes four reference sources for further investigation of the topic.