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Human Resources Management

Legitimate Justification for the Organization's Actions

The issue of right and wrong has always been open to debate and scrutiny. In people's private lives, it is open to interpretation and is quite subjective. However, in the business world, there is not that individual definition of right and wrong, at least there should not be. Reflect back on your professional life and recall any

Companies as Learning Organizations

It is easy to see how there are isolated cases of successful training experiences. Some companies are ahead of the curve and some are just catching up. In your selected industry for study (Coffee Manufacturing), select two companies that you think have a successful program for developing leaders or might be in trouble. You decid

Organization development

Organization development can be practiced in various types of organizations in both the private and public sectors. Historically, OD was mostly practiced on industrial and manufacturing organizations, but recent OD work has grown to include service organizations and unique settings that have a need for the disciplined and planne

Hiring of employees

â?¢ Your Learning Team will conduct training on recruiting and staffing to a group of new human resource management employees at a virtual organization assigned by the instructor. â?¢ Resource: Virtual Organization â?¢ Create a PowerPoint® presentation

Creating a Job Posting for Your Small Business

** Please see the attached file for the complete problem description ** Creating a Job Posting for Your Small Business Interview a small-business owner within your community. Address the following questions in your interview: See attachment

Human Resources-Teams-Enron

The worst Team in History, Enron. In your opinion, what is the worst team in history? Who is part of this team? Describe the roles of team members. What did they do wrong? Did they do anything right? What makes this team the worst in history?

Human Resources-Training and Development

You have been asked to develop a training program for a segment of college admin assistants - - Executive Assistants. Let's assume that the learning outcomes for Executive Assistants are: ? Technology Knowledge (Microsoft Office, PeopleSoft, SharePoint, WebEx) ? Ability to process system requests (HR, B

IT Resource Management Question

Can someone give me a detailed example of how information technology is being used to meet strategic goals. Including a strategic goal, the types of entities that would have that goal and how information technology can be used to pursue that goal. Thanks! (approximately 150 - 200 words or so)

What makes HRM activities strategic? Please provide an example of a strategic HRM goal and explain why it is strategic. (Provide an example that has not been mentioned yet by your classmates.) How does your organization decide whether or not HR activities and programs are benefiting your organization's business? As an HRM professional, how would you determine whether or not your efforts are worthwhile?

What makes HRM activities strategic? Please provide an example of a strategic HRM goal and explain why it is strategic. (Provide an example that has not been mentioned yet by your classmates.) How does your organization decide whether or not HR activities and programs are benefiting your organization's business? As an HRM pro

HR networking overseas

How can you build an effective network in a new and far-off market? Will you stay with your HR peers or push into your business sector? Explore the possibilities for HR professionals to become more connected to their business networks outside of HR professional peer circles.

Attracting the best talent globally

Discuss the options for building a reputation for recruiting talent in a country that is not your home base. As an HR manager assigned to an overseas office, how could you promote your organization and establish the reputation of your company in this market? Think of the various activities involved in recruiting new employees fa

Oakland General Strike

1. Pick a strike that occurred in the U.S. sometime in the last 10 years. What do you think caused that strike? Make sure you point to specific evidence to support your claim. Now suggest how that strike illustrates a general explanation of strike occurrence. Describe what kinds of additional information or data you might need

Employee Laws and Human Resource Practices

Explain how different employment laws affect human resource practices? What are the four types of employee separation? Explain what is leadership? Explain Fiedler's contingency theory?

DNA Discrimination

See the attached file. Genetic testing has been conducted by some employers?and some without permission from the employee/applicant. This became a legal issue in May 2004 when a major verdict was rendered involving Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation and the U.S. government, becoming the first case based upon DNA discrim

Factors that affect HRM

?Besides cultural differences, what other factors affect HRM in an organization with international operations? ?What abilities make a candidate more likely to succeed in an assignment as an expatriate? How might a person acquire these abilities?

Human Resources-Training & Development

Your task is to develop a short draft of a training presentation introducing new trainers to the HRD field. Please note that I use HRD (Human Resource Development) and T & D (Training and Development) and L & D (Learning and Development) as pretty much synonymous terms. I understand that training is an event and learning i

Interventions and Four Interdependent Areas

Interventions are typically organized around four interdependent areas: strategy, technology or structure, human resources, and human process. A key to effective interventions is the understanding that they are part of an entire system requiring considerations of all components and across all levels. In other words, changes to o

Setting Up Your Affiliates Abroad (5-1)

Previously, you built a comparison of two countries (Canada & Philippines: please view the attachment for a "refresher") as global talent bases for recruiting. For this task, you'll revisit those two countries and consider that your company wants to set up operations in both, but the Board of Directors is not sure which one to s

Renfrey Memorial Hospital Outline

Renfrey Memorial Hospital (RMH) is a 200 bed regional hospital located in the Midwest. It has been in existence for 32 years and was named after a prominent philanthropist in the area, Mr. Gilbert H. Renfrey, who made many financial contributions to projects in and around the community where Renfrey Memorial Hospital is located

Staffing requirements for Hotel in France

Please click on the following link and read page 7. Consider the situation within the firm. With so much at stake, what criteria will you consider most important and why in selecting the right 10 candidates for the position? Also, what

Global Hiring Employees Factors

1.One must be careful to select the right person for the job when hiring employees to work in domestic offices. It is also important to be careful in the selection of expatriate employees. What should be the highest priorities in your selection criteria and why? Discuss at least 3 factors you would consider in determining thei