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Human Resources Management

Standard and bespoke contracts

Compare the relative advantages and disadvantages of standard form contracts and "bespoke" individually negotiated contracts, in the light of some of the issues that have been addressed by statute and case law.

Management of Resources

As organizations become more technology-driven, which do you think will become more important? The management of the human element of the organization or the management of technology?

Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility

I need help with the following scenario: Recently, a major company had its first layoff (1000 staff and management) in its history. The company lost some great people because performance was not considered, only seniority. So, some people who were not the best performers did not lose their job but some, more junior, people ha

Strategic Plan Development

Tuffs-NEMC has made a number of successful changes in the recent past but Tuffs-NEMC needs a strategic plan to keep the staff on track for the turnaround, to improve efficiency, and increase cash flows. Could you please assist me in understanding the development of the following: - Executive Summary - Strategic Audit - S

Human Resource Management

What learning condition do you think is most necessary for learning to occur? Which is the least critical? Why?

Human Resource Management (HRM)

How can strategic management within the HRM department ensure that HRM plays an effective role in the company's strategic management process?

Organizational Change

Meeting with Human Resource Development (HRD) team as well as all the department heads. Preparing for the first change intervention. Option for beginning the change reorganization using a series of specific steps or interventions? What are the first 5 interventions that can be used to begin a change-management reorganization?

Electronic Monitoring of Employee Behavior

Some recent studies indicate that nine out of ten employers observe the electronic behavior of their employees, from tracking their Web-surfing habits to implanting GPS tracking chips in their arms. Discuss whether managers are justified in monitoring employees to this degree. Demonstrate how each element of human resource strat

Restricted Resources

I need help with answering the following: - Provide an example of resources that are temporarily restricted as to (a) purpose, (b) time, and (c) occurence of a specific event. - Provide an example of permanently restricted resources.

Job Analysis Conduction

Does the dallas police force conducts a job analysis. How important are strategic job analyses for strategic human resource management (SHRM) activities? What kind of succession plan is in place for the dallas police force?

IT Security weaknesses

Assessing the Root Cause of IT Security Weaknesses: You are conducting an IT audit of your company's Unix security controls. You are reviewing several system-based reports and determine that several Unix servers do not comply with the corporate information security policies. Develop a recommendation that will help management fi

Training and Development

Discuss the process through which training needs identified in the analysis phase are translated into the training objectives. In your answer, explain what an objective is, its relevance to training, and the various components of a training objective.

Internal Policies Regarding Document Retention Policy

Your firm must establish internal policies regarding document retention policy. Define document retention policy, describe the need for the policy, and include a set of procedures. Provide the context to which it specifically the policy apply and does not apply to.

Issues in Resource Management Processes

Management, as internal user, extracts different reports to monitor and control resources. Human resources, inventory, and fixed asset processes should be designed to help management achieve these objectives. please share your experiences in the three resource management processes The Sales process covers all the activiti

IT and the HRIS environment

Either look at your present employer or select another organization of your choice and interview 1) HR executives and managers with the question: What would you do differently in the future from your last IT project regarding how you interacted with IT technical people? In other words, what did you learn about them from your

Strategic Human Resource Management - Measurement in HR

Please help with answering the problem below. a. Evaluate the importance of performance measurement in HR. b. Distinguish among concepts of strategic HR deliverables, enablers, and performance drivers. c. Clearly demonstrate how these concepts are separate and apart from the traditional "doables" that focus on HR efficienc

benefits of having HR in charge of sustainability

What are the benefits of HR being in charge of an organization's sustainability efforts? What are the drawbacks? Provide examples of initiatives that HR departments have implemented to move their companies towards sustainability.

Administrative Services Organizations

Within your chosen organisation you will need to select three administrative services and identify the range of administrative services that are provided and explain who the principal users of these services are and the importance of these services. You will need to explain whether the selected services are restricted or subject

Human Resouce

1. What are some of the key aspects of strategic organization development work and how is it different than the old approach which simply focused on training and leadership development? 2. What are the organizational systems that comprise the field of organization development and why is a systems perspective useful for HR pra

Human Resource Implementing Self-Service Portals

You work in Human Resources and believe implementing a self-service portal for HR administration would generate several efficiencies in work flow. Your manager is resistant to implementing the portal because of the administrative challenges and concerns such as the probability of security breaches, misuse of employee information

McKinsey's 7s Framework

I need help with McKinsey's 7s framework and Harley Davidson. I need to use bullet points and summaries in each category if possible. - Structure - Strategy - Systems - Style - Staff - Skills - Shared Values Thank you so much for your help.

Job Description for a HR Service

Trying to find ways to develop a strategies on job description for a HR service: 1. Research the literature on job description that related to physical demands and/or work environment. Identify all studies and articles on how other companies are dealing with this issue. Need 10-12 references to support this research. 2. D