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    Coordinating with Insufficient Resources

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    Assume you work for a textbook publishing company that has multiple projects happening simultaneously and that the scope of work on all of the projects is similar. What are some of the problems that you might run into when allocating scarce resources? What suggestions would you give the various project managers to coordinate across schedules better?

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    Let's say you've been hired to work for a small firm like a textbook publishing company that specializes in educational projects. In such a situation, it may be difficult to adequately allocate resources because each person/department, although working on different subject matter, would basically be performing the same function. Each team would be responsible for (1) conducting research, (2) creating assignments, lectures and quizzes, (3) and lastly, sending their finished product to editors for processing. The key here is to prioritize goals while preserving company technology and leveling resources, so that your teams don't get burned out and frustrated. We all know that any type ...

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    This excerpt explains what a project manager should do when resources become scarce. It also offers failsafe suggestions on how to coordinate schedules across projects so that each one is successful and meets scheduled deadlines.