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Human Resources Management

2nd Hospitality Summary Needed

Please help me answer these questions from your own perspective. I have to get 3 different perspectives including my own. I already have 2. I only need one more. No references needed b/c this is from your experience or perspective. 200 words or more please. Define recreation, travel, and tourism. Evaluate the impact of conven

Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

Discuss the origins of employer-sponsored retirement plans. Discuss the 2-3 most prominent trends in retirement plans including its impact for both the employee and the organization.

Considerations for New Products & Unique Marketer Challenges

1. What should a company consider when attempting to develop a new product? Can you think of some new products that have failed? What do you think were the causes of this failure? How would you have handled the product launch differently? 2. Why do services pose unique challenges to marketers? How important are customer expec

Market Competitiveness of Organization's Pay System

Assess the concept of market competitiveness in relation to an organization's pay system, particularly when it is unable to offer its employees market competitive salaries because of a lack of financial resources. Propose alternative approaches for organizations which have limited financial resources and outline at least three s

Communications Problems, Solutions and Justifications

1. Identify four to six communication problems that occur in organizations, with brief examples drawn from the student's organization. 2. Identify four to six possible solutions or principles that leaders should use to stimulate effective communication in organizations. 3. Justified answers with logical rationale, pe


Discuss: Employment at Will, Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Immigration Reform and Control Act, Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act . Look over the laws and determine which of the major HRM functions might be affected by each. How are they affected? Provide speci

Employees Benefit communication; administration, cost controls

First Part of Discussion: Benefits Communication 1-Does your current (or previous) organization have a strategy in place to communicate its benefits plan to employees? 2-If so, how effective is it, and what can be done to improve it? 3-If not, what are your thoughts on putting a benefits communication plan in place?

Team-Based Rewards Aspects

Review Case Study 11-3, "Team-Based Rewards for the State of Georgia", on page 285â?"286 of the text. Identify and evaluate the aspects of the reward system described for both positive and negative aspects.

Human Relations: Traits for a mentor

Visualize yourself in a full-time professional job working for a company that believed strongly in mentoring. Explain whether you would prefer a mentor for yourself, or be assigned a mentor by the company. What are some traits you would look for in a mentor?

Discussion Questions

1. What can companies do to ensure internal, external, and individual equity for all employees? 2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of competency or skill-based pay systems. 3. In terms of the "attract-retain-motivate" philosophy, how do benefits affect employee behavior?

Human Resources questions of Employees Benefits. Excellent answer provided

Discussion #1 I-Some employers combine all paid time off, such as vacation, sick leave, holidays, and personal days, into one large bank of time, typically called paid time off (PTO). Discuss your organization's Buckingham Adult Medical Day Care, current paid leave program. 1-Does your organization have a PTO bank or severa

The Legal Environment of Human Resource Management

Identify and discuss the employer-employee relationship. Make sure you include the following points: o The point at which a prospective applicant becomes an employee o The difference between a contractor and an employee o The legal implications and obligations of the employer-employee relationship o The laws

Disciplinary Process

Assume you are in charge of creating a training program for supervisors in administering discipline in the organization. Discuss the focuses on the major principles of disciplinary action you would stress in this session. Explain the significance of each principle and how it relates to management.

Legal environment of human resource management

What are some common ways employers discriminate in the recruitment process? What legal claims can be brought against an employer, and what is the basis for each claim? What actions can an employer take to avoid these legal claims?

5 Dimensions of Cultural Differences

What are the five dimensions of cultural differences? Which of these differences has the largest effect on employee behavior? Why? How do you see these dimensions exhibited in your organization?

HRM Consultant Company Pitch

You currently work as a human resource management consultant, and you have scheduled a presentation to pitch your organization's value to a company that you have worked for in the past. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that will be used to pitch the need for your consultant services. Include the following components in you

Allocation of Indirect Costs of a Corporation

Direct costs are easy to 'attach' to an object. Say, a manufacturer is making widgets. They take 5 feet of lumber, two screws, and one ounce of purple paint and five minutes of labor. Its easy to measure the amount of lumber, etc. However, what about the property tax bill/expense? How much of this should be called an expense

HR Management transformation

Why is it important for HR Management to transform from being primarily administrative and operational to becoming a more strategic partner.

Conducting Needs Assessment Processes

Please assist me with the below question. Why is it important to include upper management in the needs assessment process? How would you conduct a needs analysis in your organization?

Current systems, advantages, disadvantages, benefits

See attached files. Write a paper describing Riodrian Manufacturing's networking system Telephone systems. - Identify current systems. - Explain advantages and disadvantages of systems. - Present recommendations and benefits

Southwest Airline from a management perspective

In no more than two pages, double spaced, a) discuss several problems or issues facing Southwest Airlines from a Management Accounting perspective, b) discuss potential solutions to these problems or issues, and c) select those which you believe are most promising. Discuss your rationale for this selection. Southwest Airli

Human Resources in Government Contractors

Imagine that you are working as Director of Human Resources in a privately held, mid-sized engineering and manufacturing organization that is a government contractor. Your boss, the VP of HR, has asked you to: Prepare a brief but comprehensive plan (4-5 pages) in which you pull together and integrate the organization's recrui