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Human Resources Management

Human Resources Capabilities

Looking for a HR-Intern and need generic answers to the following to use as a reference: Description of your ability to provide authoritative advice in all areas of Human Resources (HR) Description of your ability to lead HR services in a variety of customer activities and to integrate work efforts and negotiate acceptable

Research Principles and Application in Human Resources

I need help with discussing the research principles and their application to research in human resources. The following items below needs to be answered: - The goals of research in HR - A comparison of the applications of primary and secondary research - An explanation of how reliability and validity are used and why they

current issues in HR

1) What are the consequences in HR if an assessment is used that is not validated? How does this affect the business as a whole? 2) How might research be used to address current issues in HR? Provide an example to support your answer.


Why is it important to use measurements in the HRM planning process? What aspects of the plan's success rely heavily on measurements? Why? What tools and resources do you use when you create measurements? What role does forecasting play in the strategic planning process? What are some aspects of forecasting you must consider

Talent Management

Analyze points of views in readings attached (see attachments). How would you analyze and evaluate the differences in point of view between the Capelli and Kontoghiorghes articles and the Cameron one? Give specific examples of the differences

Comparing and Contracting Leadership Theories

1. Compare and contract leadership theories and evaluate the strengths and weakness of established leadership styles. 2. In your opinion, do you think that a leader can incorporate all different styles within one personality? Why or why not.

People & Technology / Challenge of Technology

Technology changes tend to have one thing in common, people. People both effect and are affected by technology. Yet many of us overlook the human aspect of technology. What is meant by "the human factor,� and why is this important in considering the impact of technology on the workplace? Few are immune to the impact

Guidelines and Ideas for Consulting Group

XCG THE EXCELLENT CONSULTING GROUP COMMUNICATION FROM ART: HP and Palm have decided they want to do an Organizational Diagnosis to determine how various aspects of Palm are aligned such as inputs, resources, productivity, throughput effort, outputs, performance, strategy, etc. They want to know if there are any glaring issues

HR Policies for Discipline, Suspension & Termination at FedEx

See attached file for full text. How does this apply to FED EX? Discipline, Suspension & Termination (Handbooks, Wrongful Discharge, Procedural issues) Realize that some companies do not openly discuss their HRM practices. Perhaps the organization you chose for your SLP project is one of them. So, sometimes you will ne

Implement Leadership Style within Large Organization

1. What recommendations can you provide to make the described leadership style effective within a large organization? 2. One of the greatest challenges of an effective leader is to have all members on the same page once the decisions about the how and who have been made. How can you accomplish that? Support your response with r

Creation of a Sexual Harassment Policy

Assume you are the human resources (HR) manager at ABC Publishing. The company has recently received several complaints of sexual harassment. The HR department has decided to create a sexual harassment policy. What should the policy include? How should the policy be implemented and enforced?

Using Tests to Determine Potential Discriminatory Practices

See the attachment. (4/5ths rule, restricted policies, geographic comparisons, and the McDonnell-Douglas Test) How could a human resource management (HRM) department use these tests to determine potential discriminatory practices? What considerations should be given when using these tests? The 4/5ths Rule One of the first

Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness of Apple Inc.

Use the organization Apple Inc. Briefly describe the organization and a key aspect of its strategy. Describe an HR program that would support and further its strategy and effectiveness - this should be a compensation, recruiting, selection, coaching/training/development, or diversity program. Develop at least one strategic

Retention strategies supported by HR

There are lots of strategies that HR can support to prevent high turnover. In our readings for this course we have learned the value of a collaborative relationship between departmental managers and HR in retention of employees. We have learned that employees want to feel valued and valuable. We have also learned that sal

Human Resources/staffing managers and hiring decisions

How would you define a "bad hiring decision" in the private sector? To what degree do you think staffing managers should be held liable for their decisions? Why? As an HR professional, how can you avoid adverse situations occurring relative to the staffing process? Please provide examples.

HR and employee relations

Assessing employee satisfaction falls under the scope of Human Resources in most healthcare organizations. It is a common belief now that happy employees produce more. HR goes a long way to proving a strong ROI when employee satisfaction rates are high. These surveys are mandated in some states for healthcare organizations.

Management: Team function, listening form of communication

Leadership (both group and team) are directly linked to the observation, diagnosis, internalization, and creation of strategies to address the forces that challenge and form the organization. Effective teams work with organizational issues and opportunities to achieve the desired future direction. Design and construct teams must

Business Management Team Project

Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams Paper Develop a training plan with your Learning Team to increase the effectiveness of groups and teams by discussing challenges and benefits of group and team communication, collaboration, and conflict. With your team members, develop a training plan to increase the effectiveness of g

HR: Employee termination

1) To confirm that the supervisor's claims are true, who will you contact? What questions will you ask? What precautions should you take to assure that your investigation is confidential and legally defensible? 2) Review the documentation available related to this case. Is there enough documentation in place based on discipli

Human Resources Management: Training and Development

Training Plans for Groups As you develop the sales representative training plan, you are thinking ahead to the implementation phase. * How will the culture of the organization impact the training and development process? * What are the major challenges of implementing training and developing programs? * Choo

HR Law

Hiring Practices (Interview Questions, Tests, Background Checks, Drug-Testing, Illegal Workers) FEDEX Look at current, HRM-specific information that might be applicable to the employer you have chosen. Examine how immigration reform impacts workplaces by first looking at Arizona's recent immigration law. Reading: Loyol

Deductible Unreimbursed Employee Expenses

In the current year, Mary incurs $3,600 of unreimbursed employment-related travel and entertainment expenses. These expenses include the following: Airfare $1,500 Taxi fare 100 Meals eaten alone while away from home on b

Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) Plan for Target

Research Target's HR Web site for internally and externally disseminated documents, mission and vision statements, and the company's core competencies. Write a memo that summarizes your choice for a division you will focus on in creating your strategic HRM plan. Provide the division's name, core competencies, and an expla

Riordan Manufacturing: Manager Response Memo

? Read the Manager's Memo on the Iwamoto.Crews.Coe attached pdf. (See the attached files). ? Respond to the manager. ? Address the following in the memo: o An explanation of the purpose of large system inventions and how individuals are affected o Discussion on how coaching accommodates personality or individual differenc

SYSCO Case Study: HR Role in Strategy, Operation, Administration

Please read the short case provided with the link below and then answer the 2 following questions: 1. How does the market-driven approach illustrate that HR has strategic, operational, and administrative roles at SYSCO? 2. discuss what types of HR changes could have affected reduction in worker's compensation expenses, emplo

Human Resource Law: Hiring Practices

Hiring Practices (Interview Questions, Tests, Background Checks, Drug-Testing, Illegal Workers) For this case assignment, read the following article by Lublin (available in ProQuest) called "Career Journal: Recruiters Fail To Check Past Of Some Hires." Then respond to the following using your knowledge of the case, further r

Selecting and Discussing Systems in an Organization

Select a system in your work organization, or an organization that you are familiar with, and apply the causal loop diagram, including a reinforcing and balancing process. Briefly describe the purpose of the system, the components of the system, draw a casual loop diagram, and in plain language describe the diagram.

How to apply SFL in my company...

Let me make the project wide-open in terms of topics. After all, SFL is a method that is designed to help solve problems that are rather ambiguous. My goal is that in some way I would research some aspect of SFL--for example, "How to apply SFL in my company... (or company "X")", "Notable examples of SFL in successful companie

Human Resource

1. The Civil Rights Act has prohibited harassment and discrimination for almost 50 years now. With that much time, why is it still such a problem in the workplace? 2. Sexual harassment is a form or sex discrimination. We have had about 20 years of case law, plenty of lawsuits, and it still ranks as one of the top issues in th