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Human Resources Management

Human Resources and Ethics Agent

Evaluate the impact of the human resource management function as an ethics agent in compliance, advocacy and change in an organization Analyze the skills and responsibilities of the HR professional as an ethics agent in an organization. Assess strategies for integrating ethics principals and models in human resource manage

Internet negotiations

What are the merits of using the Internet to conduct negotiations? What tools or techniques would you employ to negotiate more effectively on the Internet? What are the long-term implications of Internet negotiations on global business transactions? One paragraph with ideas for expansion, one reference given and two articles

ISO 9000 Versus Baldridge Standards

Compare and contrast the ISO 9000 and Malcolm Baldridge standards programs. Locate at least two articles on each. Also, provide a review of a Malcolm Baldrige winner. response is 752 plus five references

Risk Management in Human Resources

I need help with this discussion question. I'm not familiar with the Risk Management side of HR. I've pulled info from the reading but still need help. Explain the primary functions of HR and the role in creating an organization's risk management strategy plan. Identify the types of HR risks and explain how any are import

Management Behavior, affect on productivity.

Imagine you are a midlevel sales manager at InterClean, Inc. with three first-level managers under your responsibility. In response to a merger that is about to take place with EnviroTech, you have been instructed to draft a memo to your supervisory team about the importance of the behavior exhibited by managers. Please revi

Product Launch

Develop a product launch plan for two markets (England and Argentina) for a HR Software Program for a global company. The software will be a full featured, Internet-enabled software solution than can be utilized in the global marketplace with multi-language features. Discuss Marketing needs; Marketing potential and Market g

Case study: Creating Incentives for Change by Keeping Score

Questions to accompany final case study, 'Creating Incentives for Change by Keeping Score' Evaluate the proposed BSC as follows: a. From the Discussion section or the BSC literature, what are good criteria to evaluate the BSC measures? How well does the draft scorecard meet the criteria that were stated? b. Evaluate

Production with resource constraint

Dvorak Music produces two durable music stands: Stand A Stand B Selling price $90 $80 Less variable costs 30 44 Contribution margin $60 $36 Stand A requires 6 labor hours and stand B requires 3 labor hours.The company has only 350 available labor hours per week. Further, the company can sell all it can produce of eithe

Production Mix Under a Resource Constraint

See the attached file. Johnson Company produces three products (A,B,C). During the coming period, Johnson anticipates to have 7,500 direct labor hours and 5,500 machine hours available. Provided the following data, calculate how much of each product Johnson should produce (assume that Johnson maintains no inventories of finishe

HRM and Organizational Leadership

Explain the two approaches of "make or buy" in regards to developing required competencies, in context of human resource development and organizational change management. Option Steps Advantages Disadvantages Make Training Altered

Human Resources

1.To be a true strategic partner, does HR need to take on a more generalized or specialized approach to work? Why 2.What problems are demographic shifts and layoff practices causing for Succession Planning? 285 words

Goals of Selection - Human Resources

What are the goals of selection? What factors influence an organization's choice of selection methods? My book says that the goals of selection are, to obtain employees who are most likely to meet the organization's standards of performance and who will be satisfied and developed on the job" but is there more to it than

Human Resource Planning and an Organization's Objectives

Please help with the following human resource related questions, in at least 300 words. What is Human Resources planning? How does the HR planning process facilitate the achievement of an organization's strategic objectives?

(HRIS) Human Resource Information System

Write a report on current article on a Human Resource Information System of your choice. The selected article was published: 26-November-2010 1. How does this article relate to Human Resource Information Systems? 2. What is the system, application or advancement a system is discussed in the article? 3. What strengths o


Define FMLA, COBRA, HIPPA AND ERISA. Briefly describing each & each one current issue that current employers should be or are concerned with for each act. In defining be issues, mentioned my it has become an issue and what, if any, penalties have been incurred by companies who have either violated the law or who have unsuccess

Strengths and Purpose Statement

Complete the Purpose Statement Worksheet and create a purpose statement for the sales and marketing department and for human resources. I need the top 5 strengths and three complementary strengths for the supervisor. Review the Strength of Workplace results found at the bottom of the strategic alignment worksheet. Develop ide

Social Issues (Human Resource Management)

Explain ways in which the organization(Walmart) aligned social goals with business goals. One of the causes the company help is Children's Miracle Network. The response should be about 600 words and please do not plagiarized as well cite properly the information used such as url, books, reports with page numbers. 476 words


5. Gloddy Company makes three products in a single facility. These products have the following unit product costs: Products A B C Direct material $24.90 $25.70 $26.60 Direct labor (variable) $13.30 $17.10 $15.70 Variable manufacturing overhead $2.50 $2.80 $3.10 Fixed manufacturing over

Interview questions for an HRM interview

Craft some Human Resource questions to ask a HRM. Your interview questions are based on the following content areas: Evaluate the contribution of the human resource management function as an ethics agent in organizations. Assess ethical strategies, policies, and procedures used in the workplace. Analyze the overall

Human Resource Calendar

Can you please just help me get started here? Thanks! Develop a calendar (schedule) for human resources for the month of December 2007, taking into consideration the following information: a. You have four people you can schedule, John, Sally, Pedro, and Eunice. b. The typical workweek for your company is 45 hours. Depe

HR Roles and Responsibilities

Describe the changing role of HR management in response to trends in globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics. 684 words plus references