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    HR projecting lifestyle on applicants right or wrong?

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    Human Resource (HR) professionals should not be projecting any sort of life style upon applicants. One of our roles in HR is job recruitment and placement. HR cannot afford to be bias towards one group over another. Everyone in walks of life can empathize with someone who is struggling; divorce, financial struggles, loss of a loved one or general day to day stress. At some point in time we have dealt with it ourselves or have been close to some one who has. As people we should empathize but as HR professionals it can be a fine line. HR should not let the issues sway there judgement for or against individuals or groups. Follow the law and, mission statement and protocol. HR department should set a standard of professionalism on par or above with all management.

    Agree or disagree (with reasons).

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    Human Resource (HR) professionals need to connect with their employees. It is fine to be guiding and recruiting individuals, but there really is a need to know the lifestyle of applicants. If someone is going through a bad divorce and is being hired to ...

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