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Human Resources Management

Report for 1995 Auto Corp.

As the human resources legal consultant contracted to provide recommendations to 1995 Auto Corp., you have taken a look at the current hiring practices and determined that the company is in need of a defined Equal Employment Opportunity policy (EEO Policy). 1995 Auto Corp. is growing at a very fast pace and an aggressive hiring

Organization, Set and Policy Boundaries

Describe how an organization, sets and polices its boundaries. If you were the CEO would you do this differently? Why? How well does an organization manage its task environment? If you were the CEO, would you do this differently? Why? In regards to the emergence of organizations explain the creation of an organization.

Developing a Formal Company Sexual Harassment Policy

As the new Human Resource Manager for your organization you notice that the company does not have a formal policy against sexual harassment. You realize the implications of not having such a policy and have decided to make this your first project. Develop a policy that is realistic and thorough, with valid reasoning and effe

Human Resources Case Study for Bristol-Myers Squibb: appraisal forms and ratings

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical firms and is widely known for its innovative research. But the firm has not limited its innovations to products. Several years ago, BMS leaders decided that the company's performance management system needed to be re-invented. Specifically, they determined t

Critical training and information for HR department employees

Assume that the HR department of this small start-up has a department manager, an administrative assistant to the department manager, and a business assistant responsible for hiring, payroll, and benefits. (There are three people total in the department, 30 total in the company.) Tasks: Considering that these individuals

Religious Discrimination

Can someone PLEASE help me get started with this? It needs to have references, too. Thank you in advance! As the new human resources (HR) manager, you are preparing the next section of the diversity training manual, which focuses on making supervisors more aware and sensitive to religious discrimination issues. This sectio

Cost Club HR issues: Discharges, Cost reduction, Safety

Scenario One: Cost Club Background Cost Club is a growing retailer, similar to Super Wal-Mart or Target. It provides discount merchandise and supermarket products in large stores located in many areas of the United States. Cost Club is administratively organized into regions, and each region is permitted to develop its own

Human Resources: Importance of managing pay equity

Address the importance of managing pay equity (both internal and external) and the consequences for not doing so. Also address the role of pay equity and employee job satisfaction and motivation from a strategic perspective.

Explain the role of training in an organization's development

Can you help me get started on this assignment? -Explain the role of training in an organization's development. -Describe different employee development methods and their benefits. -Analyze the relationship between employee development and organizational development. -Describe the role of human resource management in caree

HRM: Competitive Employment Offer for Shannon Albright

Shannon Albright has an accounting degree from a United States accredited university. She also became certified as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). Upon graduation she was offered, and accepted, an entry-level accounting position at a firm in Atlanta, Georgia. She has been gainfully employed with this firm for the last five

HRM: Discuss Employment at will

O How is employment-at-will applied in your organization or in one with which you are familiar? o To what extent do the exceptions to employment-at-will limit its application in the organization? o How might managers in the organization use knowledge of employment-at-will and its exceptions to protect the interests of the or

Human Resource Team Report Part I: Introduction for move to Japan

Human Resources Team Report (Part 1) I need help with the introduction. I am part of the HR team for a company that has recently moved Japan. I have been asked to provide a report on considerations needed for new employees. Introduction: Analyze the organizational development practices and make recommendations on h

Help with Human Resources case study

In the United States and worldwide, there are many different hotels for guests to select. Some are part of high- end, luxury hotel chains such as Ritz- Carlton and Four Seasons. Other chains have multiple levels such as Starwood with Sheraton, Four Points, and others, and Marriott Corporation with a range of brands from Marriott

Application of Theories

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Human Resources: Qualities for ethics officer, ethical delimmas, ethical conduct

1. Imagine that it's your responsibility to select an ethics officer for your organization. What qualities, background, and experience would you look for? Why? Would you ever be interested in such a position? Why or why not? 2. What are the advantages of having an ethics office or officer report to a company's chief executi

Human Resources - Employee Benefits

Strategic HR Approach Assume you are an HR director for a manufacturing company. Your responsibilities address all elements of employee well-being, which include compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and include employee benefits and relations. Identify the problem in each of these scenarios. De

Human Resource Management Overview Paper

Need assistance outlining a paper approximately 700 words regarding human resource management and addressing the following questions: -What is human resource management? -What is the primary function of human resource management? -What is the role of human resource management in an organizationâ??s strategic plan? Must

Good Eats Company: Competitive base pay

As VP of HR at the Good Eats Company (a distribution center for a major food market - the owners are very wealthy!), you are experiencing turnover problems with the employees who select items to be packed and shipped to different customers (food markets). The plant manager has asked you to take the lead in fixing the problem. Y

Major Laws Affecting Equal Employment Opportunity

Objective: Identify and describe the major laws affecting equal employment opportunity. Discuss the impact of employee motivation and those techniques to maximize employee contributions. Describe the basic approaches to human resources planning. Describe the components of training-needs assessment. Assess the various meth

Constrained resource, qualitative factors.

Johnson and Son's Inc., produces organic orange juice from oranges it raises. Unfortunately, it has been a bad year for oranges because of severe frosts. Johnson only has 10,000 gallons of juice. It usually sells 15,000 gallons at $3 per gallon. The variable costs of raising the oranges are $.050 per gallon. Johnson has loy

HR: Get valued employees involved in establishing the new compensation program

The company President exclaimed to her new compensation executive. "Now that you have been in the role for HR, let's talk about how to get our valued employees involved in establishing the new compensation program you were promoted to develop." So address the President's questions - How do you get employees involved and

Unfavorable Performance: Manufacturing Firm

You have just begun work as a management accountant for a medium-sized manufacturing company. When you begin work, you find that there are literally no performance metrics or reports of any kind. The general manager expects you to set up whatever performance measures and monitoring reports as you feel are necessary. Explain w

Remember management has gradually evolved with the growth of trade, commerce and industry Management is basically directing human efforts and energies unifying and coordinating the whole as a team while giving vital leadership. Due to this reason we can safely say it is a dynamic social process continuously evolving.

The industrial revolution took place in the middle of 18th century. Prior to that production of goods took place in a small scale employing few workers. The economy was sufficient, needs of the people were limited and the production mainly took place for the self consumption. Trade was restricted within a community more or less