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Human Resources Management

Effective Change for Stakeholders Expectations

Discuss how leaders identify and formulate effective change to address stakeholder expectations. Analyze how organizations need to improve with respect to employee and customer responsiveness to meet objectives. 551 words, three references

Developing Appropriate Training

Consider the following scenario: Jim Delaney, president of Apex Door, has a problem. No matter how often he tells his employees how to do their jobs, they invariably "decide to do it their own way," as he puts it, and arguments ensue among Jim, the employee, and the employee's supervisor. One example is the door-design depar

Internal Human Resource Management

What skills do HR practitioners need in an international environment? How would you apply these skills in a multinational organization? about 250 words, no references

Human Resource Management and Religious Discrimination

1. The attached article from SHRM gives you insight into an aspect of religious discrimination that we all may face. I had a challenge once as Executive Officer of a submarine related to religious practice conflict with work, and we had no idea how to deal with it except by firing the diligent believer. This young sailor was h

Product and Technology Management

As part of the management team for PPQ Parts manufacturing company, you are tasked with selecting the best software packages for the firm's materials requirements planning (MRP), capacity requirement planning (CRP), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) needs. Include information such as cost, compatibility with current syst

Applying Team Development in the Real World

The five phases of team development are: selecting, forming, storming, norming, and performing. How do you apply five phrases of team development in the real world? Support your answers with examples.

Project Management Customer Proposal: Project Scope Checklist

See attached file. Using the project attached to this posting, put together a proposal for the customer that includes the following: Briefly describe the first five points of the Project Scope Checklist in relation to your project: What are the project objectives? List the deliverables. Identify the milestones of

Human Resource

1. The attached article from BusinessWeek (February 13, 2006) describes the unionization of a WalMart store in Canada. Keep in mind that Canada's rules differ from those in the US. What did the union do right and wrong in their efforts at the Canadian store? What did local management do right and wrong? What did the workers

Interview / resume concerns and questions

Can you help me get started with this assignment? > Explain how to prepare a resume that makes a job seeker appealing to employers. How does a chronological resume differ from a skills resume? Why should a job seeker choose one type over the other? > To write an effective resume and job application letter, what would be he

Hiring situations and what an employer must do to comply

I need help getting started on a paper that discusses the three selected scenarios. In my discussion, I need to include the laws that address the particular hiring situation and what an employer must do to comply. Can you help me out?? o Situation one: The application process requires an employee to complete an online applic

Employee Health & Safety

The areas of health, safety and security are intimately attached to each other. Health is the common state of well being. It not only admits the physical well being of an individual, also his emotional and mental well being. In present competitive environment, for smooth execution of an organization, it has to ensure safety and

Functional Area Interrelationships on Kudler Fine Food

Functional Area Interrelationships on Kudler Fine Food Write a paper in which you complete the following: o Analyze the reason for the type of organizational structure employed by the organization, and identify the key positions that support that organizational structure. o Identify and explain the steps of the col

Retirement Plan Proposal and Communication Plan

Retirement Plan Proposal and Communication Plan I really need help developing this proposal. I don't have much experience with proposals. You are an HR leader in a newly formed organization with 150 employees. Management has asked you to provide them with a proposal that describes two to three retirement plans that could

Managing Resources & Operations

Consider the following scenario: You have held conversations with Precision Part's leaders and obtained the following information, which you want to use in the development of a 4-year strategic management plan. * PPQ Parts employees now number 5,000, and all are currently employed in the United States. It plans to grow

Managing Resources & Operations

A new firm, Bit Technology Inc., is deciding where to locate its facilities internationally. * If this firm is a high-tech manufacturing firm, what resource and operational factors should be considered in this decision? * How might the organization's identity influence its structure? * Explain the legal fact

Human Resource: 4 questions

See attached files. 1. 'What's happened to Bob?' was the question asked Jack Otto, production supervisor, by one of his manufacturing workers, Clyde Fisher. Jack had been wondering the same thing for several weeks about Bob Hill, another of his welders. Jack Otto is a 54-year-old production supervisor who has been with S

Nadler Tushman Outputs for Palm, Inc

Using the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model, conduct an analysis of Palm, Inc outputs. Remember that outputs exist at the individual, group and organizational levels and that there are often differences between the output goals an organization specifies in its strategic plans and those that are actually achieved. Make a Case

Title Audience Analysis

Every presentation must be tailored to the audience. A presentation introducing a new product may be different if you are presenting to the senior vice presidents or to the managers of the fulfillment centers. Questions to help you analyze the audience include: o Did you identify key audience stakeholders? o Do you know thei

Human Resource Management: Compensation issues

1. The Employee Benefit Research Institute (www.ebri.org) has conducted a "Retirement Survey" for several years. Visit EBRI's website and find the 2010 Retirement Confidence Survey. Scan the "Findings" and take a look at the "Fact Sheets" and comment on how HR might help solve the problem of inadequate employee participation in

Compare a compensation plan focused on Internal and External Equity

Write a paper, in which you identify a total compensation plan for an organization focused on internal equity, and a total compensation plan for an organization focused on external equity. Identify advantages and disadvantages of internal and external equity for the organizations. Explain how each plan supports that organi

Human Resource Management: Occupational Safety

According to the Star Advertiser, the U.S. Department of Labor threatened to take over the Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health Division because the number of mandated inspectors was not met. The Director of the Hawaii Labor Department replied that inspectors are difficult to hire because the pay rate is not comparable to those

Human Resource Management: Pros Cons Tactics Threats

What are some advantages and disadvantages of various types of performance appraisal systems? (i.e., MBO, graphic rating scale, forced distribution, ranking, 360, etc.,) Which one of these methods would you say is the most effective at helping the organization attain their objectives. What are employee/labor relations? What

Union Organizing

You are the top HR Manager for a company with 1500 employees. Your top management wants to stay union free. You have heard from a couple reliable sources that union organizing cards are being circulated among employees. Your boss is heading out the door and will be out for 6 weeks or more because of major surgery. He left yo

Develop An Employee Exit Survey

Create a survey to find out why employees are leaving an energy company. Include 10 to 13 questions. Include a mixture of categorical (nominal and ordinal) and quantitative (interval and ratio) variables in your survey questions. Explain how the proposed survey addresses your problem statement. Explain how your survey qu

What is the new strategic role of human resources (HR)?

1.) What is the new strategic role of human resources (HR)? How does this role affect you in your current position? Is this effect positive or negative? Why? 2.) What are some examples of recruitment strategies? How does your organization incorporate technological advances in its recruiting strategies? How effective are these

Feelings resulting from the experience of being a minority

The goal is to expose yourself to a culturally or ethnically different environment from the one(s) you're used to. Provide a brief description of the setting, your reaction to the situation in terms of your behavior/feelings/reactions, the reaction of other individuals toward you, what this experience teaches you about being di