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Human Resources Management

Research Methodology and Critical Thinking

I need help with this question. Address a current issue or social problem in the human resource field that require additional research. Identify a problem or issue then write up a research problem statement to guide you on this research endeavour. Demonstrate your ability to critically think through a problem situation in tod

Makeup, role and responsibilities of legislative and executive

Discuss the makeup, role, and responsibilities of each of the following governing bodies in establishing and enforcing employment-related laws: the legislative branch, the executive branch, and the judicial branch. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, 2nd Edition The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc 2007. APA

Developing a formal policy against sexual harassment

As the new Human Resource Manager for your organization you notice that the company does not have a formal policy against sexual harassment. You realize the implications of not having such a policy and have decided to make this your first project. 1. Develop a policy that is realistic and thorough, with valid reasoning and e

HR Information Control Analysis: Reference Bill Gates book

See attached file. The regulators recommend keeping separate files for many of the documents that could pose a threat to fair and equitable decision making. 1-Recommend strategies for maintaining the privacy of employee HR and benefit records (In your recommendation, consider Gates' comments and state whether you think his

Employee Motivation: Skill-Based or Pay for Performance Plan

Pay is a factor than can affect employee motivation. Should an organization choose a skill-based pay plan or a pay-for-performance plan? Locate at least three scholarly articles that research various perspectives on employee motivation and pay plans. Then make a recommendation as to which type of pay plan - skill-based or pay

Discuss Importance of Nursing Retention Practices

In a short essay, respond to the Alegent Health case. The two questions at the end of the case should be incorporated into the response. Use APA format (modified) and be sure to properly cite all sources used. You do not need a cover sheet or an abstract, but be sure to put a title for your essay, and citations per APA. Two sour

Measures to Resolve Rate of Pay for Salespeople

Imagine that you manage human resources for a small business. You have recently prepared a report on the market rate of pay for salespeople and the company's owner says the market rate is too high. The company cannot afford this level of pay and furthermore, paying that much would cause salespeople to earn more than most of the

Employee training and development practices that you would recommend in Germany

My company has recently moved to Germany, as part of the HR team, I have asked to help the HR team provide a report on considerations needed for new employees. The report will include: 1. Analyzing the organizational development practices and make recommendations on how to increase cultural sensitivity, productivity and

Criterion Development, Performance Evaluation, and Appraisal

Criterion Development, Performance Evaluation, and Appraisal questions 1. What criteria or standards do I/O consultants use when developing selection systems? Include some specific examples of criteria or standards from this week's readings or the literature. 2. What are some of the theoretical issues associated with selec

HRM: Construct a plan for reducing accidents and stress on the plant floor

You are a supervisor in a small manufacturing plant and you are part of an internal team which is auditing the plant's practices and procedures. In the course of the review, your team has found several areas which are deficient in having documented procedures and standards. You have taken on the task of developing written proced

Strategies of Human Resource Management: three problems

1. Ten years ago Albert Phillips opened his own retail store and sold unpainted furniture. His store was located in Lakeside, a small city in the southeastern part of the United States. Although his business was somewhat slow first, it grew steadily. Many more sales, stock, and clerical personnel were hired. However, it so

Three Kinds of Knowledge

Describe the three kinds of knowledge that can be evaluated in training and how they can be measured.

Evaluation Criteria

Research is an essential part of managing human resources effectively. Using evaluative systems to manage performance management systems, HR information systems (HRIS), compensation, benefits, time and attendance, attrition, succession planning and other aspects are a part of the normal course of an HR department's functions. Ov

Describe what occurs at each of the three stages of human resource planning

Name and describe what occurs at each of the three stages of human resource planning. Explain how this could be used in your job situation. Apa Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, 2nd Edition The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc 2007. Noe, Raymond A., John R. Hollenbeck, Barry Gerhart, and Patrick M. Wright.

Human Resources

I need to answer the following questions. 1- Describe the function of the Human Resource Management in organizations? What is the HRM role and responsibilities? 2-What is HRM's role with respect to the strategic plan in an organization? 3-Explain why Training is so important in the workplace. 4-Describe why HRM planning is

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