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    Human Resources Management

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    Major Laws Affecting Equal Employment Opportunity

    Objective: Identify and describe the major laws affecting equal employment opportunity. Discuss the impact of employee motivation and those techniques to maximize employee contributions. Describe the basic approaches to human resources planning. Describe the components of training-needs assessment. Assess the various meth

    Constrained resource, qualitative factors.

    Johnson and Son's Inc., produces organic orange juice from oranges it raises. Unfortunately, it has been a bad year for oranges because of severe frosts. Johnson only has 10,000 gallons of juice. It usually sells 15,000 gallons at $3 per gallon. The variable costs of raising the oranges are $.050 per gallon. Johnson has loy

    HR: Get valued employees involved in establishing the new compensation program

    The company President exclaimed to her new compensation executive. "Now that you have been in the role for HR, let's talk about how to get our valued employees involved in establishing the new compensation program you were promoted to develop." So address the President's questions - How do you get employees involved and

    Unfavorable Performance: Manufacturing Firm

    You have just begun work as a management accountant for a medium-sized manufacturing company. When you begin work, you find that there are literally no performance metrics or reports of any kind. The general manager expects you to set up whatever performance measures and monitoring reports as you feel are necessary. Explain w

    Remember management has gradually evolved with the growth of trade, commerce and industry Management is basically directing human efforts and energies unifying and coordinating the whole as a team while giving vital leadership. Due to this reason we can safely say it is a dynamic social process continuously evolving.

    The industrial revolution took place in the middle of 18th century. Prior to that production of goods took place in a small scale employing few workers. The economy was sufficient, needs of the people were limited and the production mainly took place for the self consumption. Trade was restricted within a community more or less

    Global Human Resource Management for Wal-Mart

    Write a paper analyzing some of the traditional Human Resource Management. HRM functions in Wal-Mart (e.g. selection, training, evaluation & compensation). Include their "international HRM" strategies (such as use if ex-patriots and local nationals). Use APA format and include a reference page.

    Leadership Change and Structure

    1. Blue Sky has undergone a leadership change. Be sure to address the differences in leadership style and approach today and in the recent past at Blue Sky. 2. For every organization motivation is a critical element. Be sure to discuss and evaluate the approaches to motivation at Blue Sky now and in the past. 3. Has strat

    Occupational Health & Safety

    Please see attached file for full case description (3.5 pages) and I have listed all the references. 1) My question is, what do you think are the major lessons for Human Resource practitioners and managers to learn from this case as it received a lot of media attention recently (Australian newspapers)? 2) And the other q

    China's Economy

    Can someone please help me with the following questions? As Chinaâ??s economy takes off itâ??s becoming increasingly common for third-party expats to work in country directly for Chinese firms (as opposed to working for an MNC with operations in China). But the transition is not always easy. HR managers and recruiters hav

    Employee Development Plan

    Scenario: You have just been hired as the "training department of one" for Got Cash Systems, Inc. Got Cash is a small company that is poised to grow quickly over the next six months. They have just patented a diesel fuel system that will greatly improve diesel fuel usage and operating mileage for fleet vehicles. Got Cash is for

    Employee Development Plans

    Scenario: You have just been hired as the "training department of one" for Got Cash Systems, Inc. Got Cash is a small company that is poised to grow quickly over the next six months. They have just patented a diesel fuel system that will greatly improve diesel fuel usage and operating mileage for fleet vehicles. Got Cash is f

    What are different ways to hire the best people for your company?

    You are the HR Director in a call center. The call center manager is newly promoted, and has no experience with hiring. She just notified you of the need to hire 15 customer service representatives to start in the next training class (30 days from today). Develop a detailed response to address the following questions: Wha

    Human Resources Processes

    Examining how Human Resources Processes and Systems Needs to be Modified to Accommodate New Technology.

    HRM- Situations and Reactions

    What are actions should the manager do, and what he should avoid to do not lose the authority and organization reputation? (for each case). See the attached file.

    Renfrey Memorial Hospital Board Project Proposal Outline

    Renfrey Memorial Hospital (RMH) is a 200 bed regional hospital located in the Midwest. It has been in existence for 32 years and was named after a prominent philanthropist in the area, Mr. Gilbert H. Renfrey, who made many financial contributions to projects in and around the community where Renfrey Memorial Hospital is located.

    Human Resource Management

    1 What is the new strategic role of human resources management (HRM)? How does this role affect you in your current position? Is this effect positive or negative? Why? 2 Describe some staffing and selecting tools? How are they used in your organization? Are they in compliance with state and federal laws? What other tools migh

    HRM week 5

    Staffing System Management Paper ? using no more than 1,050 words to define staffing system management and explain how it is applied in an organization with which you are familiar. include answers to the following: o What are the federal requirements the organization should consider when developing employment policies?

    Discussing Human Resource Concepts

    Line managers have an important responsibility in managing the human resources of the organization (the employees). In this regard, all managers can be considered human resource managers; which brings with it a great deal of responsibility for ensuring a high performing work environment. What human resource concepts and tech

    Workforce Preparation Through University Degrees

    The debate is attached. The question is: Are university degrees adequate preparation for graduates entering the workforce? What is your opinion on this? And your comments about the arguments used in the debate?

    Workforce Staffing Recruitment and Placement

    What kind of character traits do HR professionals need to be effective in their positions? What valid, reliable selection methods would help to identify these traits in prospective HR professionals? Determine the most efficacious selection methods for identifying success traits in HR professionals and defend your choice of these

    Telecommunications departments and their functions

    In a telecommunications company there are departments which have specialized functions such as planning, development, operations, administrative services, and help desk. Each department is described in terms of function and responsibility within the organizational structure.