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Human Resources Management

Project Management

Using the project you created in Unit 1 Individual Assignment, put together a proposal for the customer that includes the following: Briefly describe the first five points of the Project Scope Checklist in relation to your project: 1. What are the project objectives? 2. List the deliverables. 3. Identify the milestones of

Employee Motivation and Compensation

1. Examine future trends and compensation plans or models in hotels. 2. What should hotels be doing now (with rationale) to prepare for changes in compensation plans and how would you know that you are being paid fairly? 3. Identify compensation and motivation issues for contingency workers in hotels. 4. Recommend a strategy

Reward Systems and Compensation

Please help me answer each of the following: 1. Analyze the components required for effective administration of reward systems 2. Analyze methods for effectively administering total rewards systems. 3. Evaluate the effectiveness of a reward system 4. Discuss the following statement - "Networking is how most senior executiv


Please help me answer the following: 1. How would one apply compensation and reward systems to individuals as well as to work teams? 2. What are the non-monetary, and benefits/special services which can be used in a hotel in order to attract people to stay with the organization? Please provide all references used when a

Effectiveness of HR using accident rates

I am preparing a presentation for work related to HR functions that could be used to illustrate human resources effectiveness using accident rates. I do not know enough about HR to understand how accident rates illustrate organizational effectiveness. Can you help? I need to know what HR functions are involved and how they relat

Recommend Compensation Plan

The recommendation of Kudler Food's compensation plan will include components of the following: a) The job analysis using the job position and new job descriptions. b) The job design which includes the job based and person based assessment. c) A discussion on the competitive compensation rates in the market. d) Perfo

Value of Human Resources to an organization?

What is the value of Human Resources to an organization? Explain how and why the organization prioritizes and values the following HR functions, staffing, employee development, compensation, employment laws and labor relations, to include health, safety, and security.

Advantage of Cohesive Teams

Write an article for the company newsletter about the beneficial traits of a cohesive team. Include the following points: - a win/win approach - focusing on the problem, not the person - open and straightforward communication - clear goals - crossing of roles because there is interdependence

Ethical Framework

Create a framework for an ethical organization of your own design. The ethical framework will include a description of the organization, the organization's mission and values statements, a code of ethics, a description of the organization's culture, the leadership approach, and methods of oversight. You will be introduced to the

The solution to Compensation and benefits

1. Southeastern Oklahoma State University is growing university, however, professor and employee turn over rate is becoming a major concern. They are currently working on their pay structure, should they conduct a survey for this? Support your answer. 2. CGI is planning to develop a next generation video card for gaming in

Socio-Geographic Factors

Please see the attached file. Socio-Geographic Factors Choose a national organization and then write a paper that describes the following: a) Identify and define classes (not job classification) within the organization and how each class is determined. b) What are the work values displayed by those classes? c) Ho

Tactical roles of HRM

What tactical roles does HR perform in an organization? How does an HR professional act as a coach, counselor, adviser and change agent? How does an HR professional identify customers and assess and address customers needs and concerns?

Impact of Health Care Organizations

1. Complete a literature review on the history of a specific type of health care organization (i.e., Private not-for-profit, publicly traded for profit systems, the Veterans Administration, the Indian Health Service, state sponsored Medicaid system, Behavioral health systems, etc). 2. Select two articles that you find interes

Designing a Reward System

Create an employee reward system for a human services organization. ? Write a paper detailing the methods to determine what aspects of the work should be monitored and rewarded. ? Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Four functions of management

Put yourself in the shoes of your current manager or one you have had in the past. What internal stakeholders currently have, or have had, and influence over that manager's decisions? Describe the influences in terms of the four functions of management in as much detail as possible. What sort of influence should internal stakeho

Human Resources

What affects do cultural and legal factors have on the organizational effectiveness of a company considering a merger with an international organization? What HR challenges may occur as a result of such an acquisition?

HRM: What is 'human performance technology'?

Question # 2 Since we're focusing on HRM in this class, what is "human performance technology?" (Hint to get you started: Please refer to at least one other outside reference (web site, article, book, etc.) that addresses HPT. What additional insights did you gain from the web site above as well a

Market Compensation Strategy

Step 1 Individually, identify and research the compensation strategies for two companies. For each company selected, discuss the following: (A) evaluate the compensation strategies for executives of each company and (B) evaluate compensation strategies for sales forces and contingent workers of each company. You may choose to

Describe an example of discrimination you have seen in the workplace.

Please help me with some ideas for these questions: Discussion Questions: Describe an example of discrimination you have seen in the workplace. Did you simply observe it? Were you the subject of it? Did you take any action? Did anyone else take action? Did it affect the workplace? How? How could you have prevented it f

Human Resources: Change Management

I need help with this assignment. I want to do this assignment in two parts. Part one as a Word document and part two to be a PowerPoint presentation. Phase 2 Discussion Board Now that you have given your team and management an overview of the reorganization and accompanying change impacts, you need to prepare your team t

Content of new email policy for FedGen Employees

Imagine you are VP Employee Communications at a large service firm, such as a bank, advertising or consulting firm. Create an email to all your employees to announce an email policy you have just created. You are not persuading: you are announcing. However, you must be tactful and professional. Remember: some of those folks have

Managing Staffing Data and Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

An employee asks to review his file. He reviews the file and afterwards makes a comment about information that was found in the file. Discuss the following: What could have been found in the file was in an incorrect place. What are the possible ramifications of confidential and private information being read by someone who

The Burke-Litwin Organizational Model Applied to StarBucks

Read: Burke, W.W. & Litwin, G.H. (1992) A causal model of organizational performance and change. Journal of Management, 18(3), 523-545. ************************************************************** The Burke-Litwin is a complicated model and is, perhaps, too big for an analysis of this size. For that reason, I would urge

Human Resources (HR) System

What are the various inputs that need to be considered in order to develop an appropriate HR system, or improve an existing HR system or process in your company? Provide as much information as possible. Thank you.

Innovation, Design and Creativity for a Competitive Advantage

a. How would you identify and characterize the roles of incentives, training, and education in promoting innovation in your organization? b. What is the role of leadership in creating, managing, and sustaining innovation in your organization? c. What are the ethical implications of an individual reward system? Support your an