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    How can I identify the most important KSAOs for success on a job

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    How can I identify the most important KSAOs for success on a job?

    Applying KSAO's to a particular position or job usually starts with the selection and hiring process. Hopefully, some usage of this program was utilized by your hiring managers to ensure that you were a good fit.

    Riding along that same theme: analyzing the KSAO's that would provide you with more success at work also entails an analysis of your organization, not just the position. Something else to keep in mind, if you need to investigate it for this assignment or truly for your employment, is examine other positions in your company that you are interested in. Most of us are eager to be promoted, but you want to make sure that new job is a good fit and that you're a good fit for it!

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    Explore one avenue of KSAO's as they relate to building or maintaining success while at work.