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    Knowledge Management and the HR Perspective

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    Explain the concept of knowledge management and its importance within Human Resources.

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    From the Human Resources (HR) perspective, knowledge management is the concept of analyzing the breadth and depth of employee abilities. In today's work environment, there are mass retirements of the Baby Boomer generation. To ensure business functions do not suffer with attrition, it is imperative for HR to know two key factors of the employee population: 1. Threats - Are there any job tasks in which a small group of employees, or even a ...

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    This solution is over 250 words and explains the concept of knowledge management. There is a thorough discussion on why organizations should engage in exploring and maintaining a knowledge database of its employee population. How job tasks are performed can change quickly, due factors such as technology and even laws/regulations. In order for an organization to survive such changes, it must know if employees have the knowledge and abilities to adapt to such changes.