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Human Resources Management

Human Resources: Sexual Harassment Case Study

You are the Manager of Human Resources for a Fortune 100 Company. A female employee approaches you, very upset and tells you that her manager, also a woman has told her that she if she does not enter into a sexual relationship with her that she will not receive any salary increase for the next year. She also tells you that her m

Sears, Roebuck and Co: The Auto Center Scandal

I need help on this case study. I am attaching the case study. Sears, Roebuck and Co: The Auto Center Scandal Make recommendations. 1. Draw up your set of recommendations on what must be done, and prepare an agenda of corrective actions. 2. What recommendations would you make to the manager? 3. What specific funct

As HR professionals we need to understand the concept of 'The Glass Ceiling '

As HR professionals we need to understand the concept of 'The Glass Ceiling ' a result how does the glass ceiling phenomenon domestically and internationally impact directly or indirectly an organization's reputation, customer loyalty, diversity of skill sets, growth potential and even it's bottom line...? How far have w

Compensating Human Resources

1. Explain why an understanding of the external labor market is important to organizations. 2. Explain how the supply and demand of labor is related to the overall strategic plan of an organization.

Strategic Organization Change

Strategic change is not a linear process within an organization. What influence does the management style of leaders as well as the culture of an organization play in the way organizational improvement initiatives are implemented?

Write a memo to a department head

Write a memo to a department head requesting that you be furnished with the information needed to justify the hiring of a new employee for his department. Indicate all the items you need to complete a needs analysis. To further justify the request, attach a job description. Department ____________________ Employee's Name _

You are conducting a job analysis

You are conducting a job analysis. You have talked to the manager about the position and now have made arrangements to observe an employee performing the tasks. The employee saw you talking to the manager and does not understand what is happening. He is afraid that his job is in jeopardy. Talk about the various behaviors that

Discuss the different types of preemployment tests

Discuss the different types of preemployment tests. Include the following: ? the overall value ? which tests are appropriate for which positions ? validity and reliability ? any legal and ethical considerations ? the role of confidentiality and privacy ? how these tests intertwine with job analysis information

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act addresses

4f. The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act addresses: a. the transportation, storage, and disposal of hazardous wastes. b. energy efficiency standards for specified products. c. the cleanup of hazardous waste sites. d. export limitations on products that cause significant pollution in their manufacture. e. mandatory recyclin

Personal Ethics and Business Ethics

Is there such a line between ethics on and off the job... a line between our employees' personal life and what our employees do at work.....? ...Consider, for example, Harry Stonecipher, who had to resign as CEO of Boeing last spring after have an extramarital affair with a Boeing executive. Although the affair had not compromi

Examining Communication Theory

Consider team and group communication process utilized in your own organization. How does gender and cultural differences impact communications in a healthcare organization [FQHC clinic], with fellow co-workers, managers, patients, families, and caregivers? Identify any improvements that could be made and state why. If appropr

Explaining the Role of HR

It's time to meet with senior management and explain what you do and why you do it. You don't want to overwhelm them with details, so you ask yourself the following question: What do you believe is the most important role of Human Resources in an organization?

Five-Year HR Forecast - McBride Financial Company

McBride Financial Company Five-Year HR Forecast PowerPoint Presentation a. Assume over the past 2 years that the following changes have occurred within McBride Financial and its environment: 1) Local labor market continued to shrink 2) Local labor costs are rising 3) Demand for McBride Financial prod

Human Resource Discussion

Human Resource Enterprises This Discussion posting should come to around 200-300 words. Consider the following statement: the HR function is 100% an "information product." Apply the 'marketspace' framework, content (knowledge/information), context (environment), and infrastructure (delivery mechanism) to the HR function. Re

Business - Online Resources

Go to and browse the website. Post a brief summary of any useful resources you might have found on this website. Go back to and locate published cases from the state in which you reside (Alabama). Locate a case that you find interesting. It can be any type of case that is of interest to yo

Organizational Analysis

Please help me so I can complete the following: Prepare and present OB analysis documentation. The Specific task is to .Select an organization and arrange an interview with someone in a managerial position .discuss with the interviewee ten (10) specific OB topics; and . prepare and present an OB organizational an

Journal Review - Human Resources Development Research

Students will write a two page summary of a business journal article. The summary should thoroughly address each of the following: 1. Title, Author (s), Journal, Date, Volume, Number, Pages. 2. Introduction. What basic question is the investigator trying to answer? Why? 3. Method 4. What or who are the participants?

HR compensation methods and benefit programs

Hello Class, Please list your response in the main classroom. Objective of activity Analyze the impact of various compensation methods and benefit programs on employee work life. Description of activity Following data: Employee Life-Cycle Stage Desired Benefit 1. Young, unmarried w

What does the term "hypereffective" mean to you?

Can someone assist with the questions below? I am trying to write a 4-5 page paper based on these questions regarding the Competing Values Framework/quadrant. Draw on Belasen's Leading the Learning Organization and your knowledge to discuss the following questions with your group members. Illustrate your answers as much as p

Management: Team Dynamics and Team Members

Create a 10-15 slide PowerPoint presentation on one aspect of team dynamics. In the presentation, you must include a minimum of four references which must be properly formatted according to APA requirements. The presentation should have an introduction (with a clear thesis), a body (at least three main points), and a conclusion

HR Staffing Plan

I must: Prepare a 15-20 slide Microsoft PowerPoint® slide Presentation with presenter's notes in which you develop a staffing plan for the SMC or Vitual Company. Determine how many people you need to hire and in what functional areas (manufacturing, operations, customer service, distribution, marketing, finance/accounting). Dev

Human Resources Management Case Studies

Question One You are the Manager of a local catering business in your specific state. The company, as it is very small, does not have an employee handbook nor has one ever been considered. As it is so small, every employee knows the most intimate details about everyone else's personal life. A male former employee has pr

What areas do you think are unnecessary for a manager to develop?

Can some please help with this assigment? I need to write a 3 page report. What areas do you think are unnecessary for a manager to develop? And, how would you recommend that new managers acquire their HR knowledge? Would you send them to a week-long seminar given by an external firm? Or, would you recommend a 10-week inter