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Human Resources Management

Job evaluation

Why is a job evaluation program essential for an organization?

Vision, Mission, and Employee Cooperation

Visions and missions should be motivating, inspiring, encouraging. They should give everyone a purpose... But, there has to be a mix of "heart" and "science" to both motivate people and achieve goals. Do you agree? What can happen when employees don't agree with, or don't feel inspired by the mission and vision?

Develop an action plan to improve racial relations at a medical facility.

Most of the patient registration staff at the Pediatric Community Care Center is minority (Black, Hispanic, and Asian). The majority of the medical staff is nonminority (white). There have been some minor conflicts believed to be racially motivated. If not resolved soon, it is believed that major conflicts will result. You re

Procurement and human resources and business process

Required: Identified and explain the systems and control weakness evident from the attached flowchart. Include the internal controlweakness resulting from the activity performed or not performed. All documents are prenumbered.

Job Dissatisfaction and High Turnover at the Lima Plant

Case: The Treadway Tire Company: Job Dissatisfaction and High Turnover at the Lima Tire Plant (by Wickham Skinner and Heather Beckham, Harvard Business School case, no. 2189) Please analyze the case study as follows please include headings in your analysis: 1. Identify the business problems 2. Rank-order the critical is

Recommend a development method for human relations and employee skills

1.) Recommend a development method for each scenario below and explain exactly why one would use/chose that particular method. a. An employee recently promoted to the job of plant supervisor is having difficulty motivating employees to meet quality standards. b. A sales manager annoys salespeople by dictating every detail

Current management practices and ethical considerations

If management is willing and able to hire workers as needed and lay them off when activity declines, direct labor would be a variable cost. The contemporary trend at many companies seems to be in this direction. "Companies are looking first to bring in contract workers that they can quickly tap and zap without paying any benefit

Human resource questions for Sun Hydraulics Corporation

Harvard Business Case: 9-491-119 April 4, 1991 Sun Hydraulics Corporation (A and B) (Abridged) Analyze: The case ends in 1985. 1. How would you account for the companies 10 years of successful operations and growth? 2. How do you think they will do in the future?

Utilization of a Constrained Resource: Storage Systems Inc.

See attached file for clarity. Storage Systems, Inc. , sells a wide range of drums, bins, boxes, and other containers that are used in the chemical industry. One of the company's products is a heavy- duty corrosion- resistant metal drum, called the XSX drum, used to store toxic wastes. Production is constrained by the capacit

Burke-Litwin Causal Model: Key Transformations

In this segment of our ongoing case, we will be identifying key transformation or throughput processes and looking at the relationships between them. To do this we will be drawing on the Burke-Litwin Causal Model. Thus, you will need to read the article referenced on the background information page. The Burke-Litwin is a comp

Human Resources

Please assit me in answering these two questions. 1. How do leaders keep alignment in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment? 2. What leader actions are essential to creating positive change? Thanks to whomever can assist. The responses should be about 350 words combined with 1-2 references. The to

Miami School Negotiations Paper

Prepare a 1,400-2,100-word paper in which you analyze the following scenario: The Miami school district has announced that as a result of unexpected increases in enrollment, that school boundaries for the upcoming year will be redrawn. The school board has hired experts to redraw school boundaries to be submitted for next yea

Human Resources Planning

You are the Director of Human Resources for a company that manufactures a major component for a revolutionary new toy that is going to hit the market in time for next Christmas holiday season. You have read in the paper that the company that will buy most of the parts is going out of business. Your mind begins to race. You

When employees believe they deserve to be paid more...

Provide an example of where you had to dispel an employee's notion that he or she deserved more, or describe an example where you felt you deserved more pay. Do you think that there is a stronger need for extrinsic rewards as opposed to intrinsic?

Describing a new compensation plan for your new employment team (InterClean)

Career Development Plan IV - Compensation. Now that you have created an appraisal system for employees on your new team and a career development plan for each member, it is time to develop a compensation plan. Because InterClean is embarking on a new strategic direction, upper management has asked you to suggest a new compens

Ineffective human resource management

What are some of the effective and ineffective human resource management practices that you have seen or experienced? What is your definition of "diversity" and how must it be considered when hiring individuals for a human service organization?

The Interview Process

You are about ready to begin an interview. One of the questions you want to ask is whether or not the candidate has a reliable vehicle that they will use to travel to work each day. You mention this to a friend, but the friend counsels you not to ask the question. Discuss why you would or would not ask such a question and its pe

Importance of personal attributes when evaluating an employee

Are the intangibles, such as personality, attitude, and behavior, as important to consider when evaluating an employee as his or her work product? Provide some examples to help explain your rationale. How are you evaluated at work? Do you support it or would like to see it changed? Explain.

New revenue generating ideas

Scenario: Your team is a highly innovative team at XYZ Corporation. Your many innovative ideas have led to large cost reductions, as well as new revenue generating ideas. As a result, your team has been asked to identify their best practices and create a three day training program which all members of the organization will atte

Memorandum analyzing the use of databases in your organization

Instruction: Prepare a memorandum analyzing the use of databases in your organization. Include what database applications are: Microsoft®, DB2, Oracle etc. Conclude by proposing improvements. For large organization restrict the scope of the paper to the department in which you work. ? Use Memo structure ? List references.

Preserving Natural Resources

Water is a need for life and only 3% of the world water is potable; therefore, authorities need to plan the future and find ways to preserve what we have and try to find new ways to get water from other resources. In the case of petroleum we can see that all countries are looking for alternative ways to create energy for the fut

Calgary Importers: Centralize HR for consistency in our human resource policies

Human Resource Decision Making at Calgary Impoprters Ltd. Calgary Importers Ltd. is a large importer of linens, china, and crystal. It has branch offices in 6 provinces and has long been plagued by problems in its human resource practices. These problems led to the following discussion between the vice-president of human reso