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Human Resources Management

Impact of Health Care Organizations

1. Complete a literature review on the history of a specific type of health care organization (i.e., Private not-for-profit, publicly traded for profit systems, the Veterans Administration, the Indian Health Service, state sponsored Medicaid system, Behavioral health systems, etc). 2. Select two articles that you find interes

Designing a Reward System

Create an employee reward system for a human services organization. ? Write a paper detailing the methods to determine what aspects of the work should be monitored and rewarded. ? Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Human Resource Department

In a Human Resources Department meeting, one of your co-workers asks you what factors you believe should be considered in the development and selection of instruments for predicting job performance. Using course materials to support your position, briefly write your response. Be sure to include the following: What is the pri

Difference between the strategic and tactical roles of HR

Can you please help me understand the difference between the roles human resources fulfills as a tactical business partner for an organization compared to a strategic business partner? Could you please list examples of both and provide further insight for me?

Four functions of management

Put yourself in the shoes of your current manager or one you have had in the past. What internal stakeholders currently have, or have had, and influence over that manager's decisions? Describe the influences in terms of the four functions of management in as much detail as possible. What sort of influence should internal stakeho

Human Resources

What affects do cultural and legal factors have on the organizational effectiveness of a company considering a merger with an international organization? What HR challenges may occur as a result of such an acquisition?

HRM: What is 'human performance technology'?

Question # 2 Since we're focusing on HRM in this class, what is "human performance technology?" (Hint to get you started: Please refer to at least one other outside reference (web site, article, book, etc.) that addresses HPT. What additional insights did you gain from the web site above as well a

Market Compensation Strategy

Step 1 Individually, identify and research the compensation strategies for two companies. For each company selected, discuss the following: (A) evaluate the compensation strategies for executives of each company and (B) evaluate compensation strategies for sales forces and contingent workers of each company. You may choose to

Describe an example of discrimination you have seen in the workplace.

Please help me with some ideas for these questions: Discussion Questions: Describe an example of discrimination you have seen in the workplace. Did you simply observe it? Were you the subject of it? Did you take any action? Did anyone else take action? Did it affect the workplace? How? How could you have prevented it f

Human Resources: Change Management

I need help with this assignment. I want to do this assignment in two parts. Part one as a Word document and part two to be a PowerPoint presentation. Phase 2 Discussion Board Now that you have given your team and management an overview of the reorganization and accompanying change impacts, you need to prepare your team t

Content of new email policy for FedGen Employees

Imagine you are VP Employee Communications at a large service firm, such as a bank, advertising or consulting firm. Create an email to all your employees to announce an email policy you have just created. You are not persuading: you are announcing. However, you must be tactful and professional. Remember: some of those folks have

Managing Staffing Data and Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

An employee asks to review his file. He reviews the file and afterwards makes a comment about information that was found in the file. Discuss the following: What could have been found in the file was in an incorrect place. What are the possible ramifications of confidential and private information being read by someone who

The Burke-Litwin Organizational Model Applied to StarBucks

Read: Burke, W.W. & Litwin, G.H. (1992) A causal model of organizational performance and change. Journal of Management, 18(3), 523-545. ************************************************************** The Burke-Litwin is a complicated model and is, perhaps, too big for an analysis of this size. For that reason, I would urge

Human Resources (HR) System

What are the various inputs that need to be considered in order to develop an appropriate HR system, or improve an existing HR system or process in your company? Provide as much information as possible. Thank you.

Innovation, Design and Creativity for a Competitive Advantage

a. How would you identify and characterize the roles of incentives, training, and education in promoting innovation in your organization? b. What is the role of leadership in creating, managing, and sustaining innovation in your organization? c. What are the ethical implications of an individual reward system? Support your an

Human Resources: Sexual Harassment Case Study

You are the Manager of Human Resources for a Fortune 100 Company. A female employee approaches you, very upset and tells you that her manager, also a woman has told her that she if she does not enter into a sexual relationship with her that she will not receive any salary increase for the next year. She also tells you that her m

Sears, Roebuck and Co: The Auto Center Scandal

I need help on this case study. I am attaching the case study. Sears, Roebuck and Co: The Auto Center Scandal Make recommendations. 1. Draw up your set of recommendations on what must be done, and prepare an agenda of corrective actions. 2. What recommendations would you make to the manager? 3. What specific funct

As HR professionals we need to understand the concept of 'The Glass Ceiling '

As HR professionals we need to understand the concept of 'The Glass Ceiling ' a result how does the glass ceiling phenomenon domestically and internationally impact directly or indirectly an organization's reputation, customer loyalty, diversity of skill sets, growth potential and even it's bottom line...? How far have w

Compensating Human Resources

1. Explain why an understanding of the external labor market is important to organizations. 2. Explain how the supply and demand of labor is related to the overall strategic plan of an organization.

Strategic Organization Change

Strategic change is not a linear process within an organization. What influence does the management style of leaders as well as the culture of an organization play in the way organizational improvement initiatives are implemented?

Write a memo to a department head

Write a memo to a department head requesting that you be furnished with the information needed to justify the hiring of a new employee for his department. Indicate all the items you need to complete a needs analysis. To further justify the request, attach a job description. Department ____________________ Employee's Name _

You are conducting a job analysis

You are conducting a job analysis. You have talked to the manager about the position and now have made arrangements to observe an employee performing the tasks. The employee saw you talking to the manager and does not understand what is happening. He is afraid that his job is in jeopardy. Talk about the various behaviors that

Discuss the different types of preemployment tests

Discuss the different types of preemployment tests. Include the following: ? the overall value ? which tests are appropriate for which positions ? validity and reliability ? any legal and ethical considerations ? the role of confidentiality and privacy ? how these tests intertwine with job analysis information

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act addresses

4f. The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act addresses: a. the transportation, storage, and disposal of hazardous wastes. b. energy efficiency standards for specified products. c. the cleanup of hazardous waste sites. d. export limitations on products that cause significant pollution in their manufacture. e. mandatory recyclin