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Human Resources Management

Leadership & Ethics for Managers

As a management consultant you make a living by providing management advice to senior level managers with regard to management problems that they are experiencing within their organization. Your role is to analyze the situation and then apply your experience, general business knowledge, and sound management principles and theori

Human Resource Management

Describe the HR roles and responsibilities in an organization with which you are familiar. Explain how and where HR fits in your organization. Attach a copy of your organization's organizational chart, if available, to your paper. Use interviews with your HR representatives or staff persons, Web site articles, Electronic Reserve

Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids

I need to Develop documentation(bullet points only) for human resources professionals to manage a specific employment position. The materials that I need to create would assist human resources professionals to choose, train, and develop successful employees toward helping the company meet its goals. ? The project deliverabl

Analysis of Singapore

a) What are some current issues facing Singapore? b) What is the climate for doing business in Singapore today? c) Singapore is located in southeastern Asia. Case: In the International Spotlight: Singapore

Measuring ROI in HR

1. Managers and HR professionals have debated the possibility and limitations of bringing HR to the bottom line for the past three decades. Take a position, pro or con, on this topic and support your views with specific barriers to measuring the HR function or two specific measures that can be made regarding the ROI of human ca

Human Resource Open Forum

1. Organization's strategic approach to managing compensation is? 2. What is the advantage of pay-for-performance versus a pay-for-time approach? Can the pay-for-performance be used in a union environment? If so, what are some potential problems that may arise? 3. What are the advantage and disadvantage of an appraisal don

Military Organizational Culture

Analyze what value the military organizational culture represents and how management and human resources currently address the issues.

Change Management

How is an organization's ethical climate created and influenced by its managers?

Factors in HR Staffing

What are some key factors managers must consider when designing an effective human resource staffing system? Please provide examples for specific direction for future study.

Human Resource Presentation

I need to prepare an executive briefing and audit of the military using power point. 2. Recruitment challenges HR managers face in the military a. HR challenges or aligning strategic goals to workforce needs b. Issues, trends and data of personnel recruitment in military 3. Total Reward System a. Discuss five e

Organization Culture

How would you address organizational culture to allow your subordinates to be open to change created by the introduction of a new business model you created and want adopted in the workplace within the next 12 months?

Develop a Job Posting

My organization has determined that it needs to hire a new HR manager in order to integrate its Human Resource Management practices into its organizational operations. This position will carry a VP title and is considered very important for the organization to succeed. I am the President of the organization and must develop a

Why Offer Employee Benefits?

The issue of Employee Benefits. As we know, this is a very sensitive topic. Why do employers provide a benefit package as opposed to providing all compensation in the form of salary?

Human resources

In setting up a pay structure: a) What legal requirements must an organization meet? b) Which of these do you think would be most challenging for a small start-up Company? Why?

Deloitte & Touche Case Study/ Human Resource Management

Read the following Case Study. Answer the three questions that follow. Elaborating on your responses by distinguishing between the role of human resources managers and line managers in implementing the changes described. In 1992, Deloitte & Touche, LLP, was celebrating the tenth year in which approximately 50 percent of its

Responses to PR related events

I am the Communications director (PR wizard) for my organization. I must draft a response to the following scenarios while keeping in mind these key elements: What the issue(s) are or may be? Who the various publics are along with the primary target audience(s)? The impact and perceptions of the various communication t

Paper Matrix Evaluation Justification

I am looking for help in evaluating a Matrix that was developed to access projects that are developed in our office. I need to write a justification that lists each of the criterion selected and discuss what makes the criterion useful for evaluating Business Plans. The following criteria has been chosen by the development

Enron and Cindy Olson's Role

Should Cindy Olson have made her first priority Enron or its employees? Explain your reasoning. I have my own opinions of this subject but would like to hear another. I think that she had a responsibility to both but as a HR representative she knew that she was bound to uphold the ethical issues involved in protecting the emplo

Human Resource Issues - Case Study

CarLis Inc. You are sitting at your desk in your new office, head in hands, pondering your next move. As a recent graduate from a large midwestern university, you had been schooled in Human Resource Management. Upon graduation, you accepted an offer with CarLis Inc. to be the HR Manager, a new position in this growing com

Less Effective Objective Data

Superficially, it seems preferable to use objective performance data (such as productivity figures) when available, rather than subjective supervisory ratings to assess employees. When might objective data be less effective as performance measures than are subjective ratings?


A large share of HR professionals have rated e-recruiting as their best sources of new talent. What qualities of electronic recruiting do you think contribute to that opinion? What are some ways that recruiters can best narrow the vast pool of applicants found online? What kinds of electronic recruiting are being used in your or

Variance and Cost Calculations for Ikon Tire Co.

Ikon Tire Co. manufactures automobile tires. Standard Costs and actual costs for direct materials, direct labor, and factory overhead incurred for the manufacture of 36,000 tires were as follows: Standard Cost Actual Cost Direct Materials 72,000 pounds at $4.50 73,100 pounds at $4.80 Direct Labor 18,00