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Human Resources Management

International Human Resource Management

In case of International HRM, there is a broad interpretations of the HR issues, in case of local HRM there are issue specific strategies that HR takes up. In case of International HRM, the stress is on comparing and contrasting the issues in different locations based on cultural differences, in domestic HRM the stress is on

HR - motivators for employees

Consider the following profile of Company and its employees. Describe what you would consider to be motivators to the respective employees as well as the types of HR process you recommend to Company from an HR perspective to keep them happy and motivated, especially in today tight labor market? Company - 70 yrs. In existen

Human Resource practices as they affect a company

Can you explain how HR systems relate to business strategy and ultimately to the performance of the firm. Provide an example of how specific factors can influenced HR practices in an organization (If you don't have an organization to reflect from, provide two examples of corporate factors and the corresponding HR practices they

Business Sweet Treats Organizational Culture

Based on your reading, respond to the following hypothetical (using your company) in a detailed substantial two-three page written response. Make sure that your response incorporates every item under the Writing Requirements section below as well as the material from the text. Your response should also address all issues relat

Differences in external and internal analysis

1. How is an internal analysis different from an external analysis? 2. How do core competencies and distinctive organizational capabilities differ? 3. How is an internal audit different from the value chain analysis?

Organizational Behavior

Assume that it is the year 2020. Design and "Organization of the Future" for the industry in which you work (Human Resources). Take into account and address the following: Business purposes and functions - (is it still the same as it is today?) Structure and Size Process for managing change Communication Technology Com

Leader or Follower

Describe the considerations that one should ponder when consciously deciding between becoming a leader and becoming a follower. Identify and describe a situation where you could use the knowledge gained in your review of leader-follower relations to address organizational issues and leadership concerns of your organization.

Human Resources

Complete the questionnaire as if you were applying for an Human resource position.

Ford Pinto Fires

Case PINTO FIRES by Dennis A. Gioia On August 10, 1978, three teenage girls died horribly in an automobile accident. Driving a 1973 Ford Pinto to their church volleyball practice in Goshen, Indiana, they were struck from behind by a Chevrolet van. The Pinto's fuel tank ruptured and the car exploded in flames. Two passenger

HR Question

How can managers acquire the skills needed to fulfill their HR responsibilities ?

Human Resource Planning

1. Describe an organisational culture and its impact on the management of Human Resources and: a) Why it is important to recognise the balance between life, work and stress b) The potential impact of changing work patterns on your organisation c) The requirement to operate within the legislative HR framework d) Where

IT Security and Risk Management

Explain the following: - IT Security and Risk management - Metrics to evaluate Infrastructure Security - Best practices in technology risk management

Human Resources - retention and compensation

What are the components of effective retention and career development processes? Tie in human behavior, motivational theory, and discuss the concept of total rewards. When considering compensation, what does your organization do to stay both competitive externally, as well as consistent internally?

Human Resources - Motivation and Rewards

In considering the concepts of motivation and reward, what is the relationship between motivation and performance? Consider different perspectives on human behavior and motivation - how do they tie into an organizations reward and performance management systems? How does your organization motivates and rewards employees,

Employee Management, in terms of Discipline or Discharge, is considered.

What principles and procedures should a company executive follow when deciding whether to discipline or discharge an employee? Under what circumstances, if any, is it ethically permissible for an employer to punish an employee for behavior outside work? What ethical principles or ideals a company should consider w

Scope For Improvement Presentation

Make a convincing and winning presentation on the "scope for improvement" (broad technology) areas, specifically concerning FYC's retailing business. SCENARIO: Make a convincing and winning presentation on the "scope for improvement" (broad technology) areas, specifically concerning FYC's retailing business. (Look at att

Human Resources - Retaining Employees

As labor markets continue to tighten, and the cost of turnover increases, organizations can consider a variety of methods to measure employee engagement and satisfaction, in an effort to retain top employees. Discuss ways your organization measures or monitors employee satisfaction, such as focus groups or employee surveys,

Human Resources - Conflict Management

A method commonly used within organizations is a Progressive Discipline system. Other organizations utilize a variety of methods to resolve conflict such as instituting an open-door policy or peer review. Discuss how your current or previous organization addresses conflict and/or discipline issues both via formal policy or


1. Explanation of HRM topic of your choice 2. What are the positive and negative aspects of the topic you have chosen on an organization 3. Offer at least two real organizational examples of your topic 4. Views on the topic

Human Resources Questions

1. Why do organizations spend money and time training and retraining employees? 2. Is tuition reimbursement a valid expense? 3. According to your experience and acquired knowledge, do you feel most job appraisers are qualified to give appraisals? 4. What is the result of being appraised from an unqualified individua

Human Resources - Paying Employees

Discuss the considerations that must be made in determining whether an organization should pay employees more than, less than, or equal to the market rate.

HR - Haliburton in Iraq

Assume you are the HR Manager of the team working to restore the oil industry in Iraq. Develop a training plan and a compensation/benefits plan for use with this team. Be creative, but don't waste company resources. Be sensitive to Iraqi culture, but also to keeping employees safe.

Human Resources: Recruitment, Retention and Development

When considering recruitment, retention and the development of an organizations human capital, what key considerations should be made to ensure adequate planning, evaluation of recruiting and selections processes are completed? What analysis of skillsets should be completed by an organization such as Interclean, to address thes

Human Resource Management Cases

Please see attached cases and questions. Case 1 - Learning to walk in the customers shoes Case 2 - Kodak gets the picture in Executive Education Case 1 - Siebel: forcing the issue Case 1 - Pay for Performance: Lennox Hits some problems

Maintaining human resource files

Discuss the importance of confidentiality and privacy in setting up and maintaining human resource files. Explain and discuss in detail the laws that impact records management, such as the American with Disabilities Act, HIPAA, and Privacy Act of 1974.

Project Plan in Excel or PowerPoint

Complete the project plan for the trade show by adding resources, assignments, and budgets to the WBS. The result should be a project plan created using Excel, or PowerPoint Background: You will start this project ten weeks before the event; the display needs to be shipped ten calendar days before the event begins to ensure

Human Resource - Types of Prescreening Tests

This is an assignment. I am not having any trouble explaining the various types of pre-screening tests, but I have having a bit of trouble discussing the validity and reliability of the tests. Can you help me with this? Thank you. 1. Research different types of prescreening tests and construct a report for the president of