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Organizations become virtual and wired organizations

What happens to people being placed at the heart of organizing when organizations become virtual?

How does the trend toward wired organizations fit with the Relational Leadership model espoused by Kouzes and Posner, and Leadership Development as discussed by Tichey or the Army model of Be-Know-Do?

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People in the organization are essential source. In the virtual organizations the employees plays the central role to complete all the activities and tasks without any interruption (Camelo, Martin, Romer, & Valle, 2004). Virtual organizations are those organizations in which people works through computer and e-mails in different geographical areas (Pang, 2001). In the virtual organizations it is necessary for the management to motive the employees to work with zeal and enthusiasm (Camelo, Martin, Romer, & Valle, 2004). It is concerned with an acquisition of appropriate human resource, developing their skills and competencies, motivating them for giving best performance and ensuring their continued commitment to the organization to achieve organizational objectives (Pang, 2001).

In virtual organization when people are being placed at the heart of organizing, the functions of the organizations become smoother and easy. The HR department should implement a training program for the employees so that they can work more effectively and ...

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