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Human Resources Management

The Communicating Organization

A. Check Your Understanding 1. Discuss the role and importance of communication in the organization in terms of outcomes. Provide examples. B. Exercises 2. In addition to the readings, use at least two resources to do research on the subject of horizontal or vertical communication. Pick the subject that interests you

Training & Developement

SCENARIO You have just been hired as the "training department of one" for Go Live Systems, Inc. Go Live is a small company that is poised to grow quickly over the next six months. They have just patented an application that will greatly improve usability and compatibility of the two largest ERP (enterprise resource planning) sy

Leadership and Business Management Discussion

Turning a failing organization around is one of the most interesting activities in management. When organizations see themselves in that downward spiral, their managers may feel that they are unable to stop the pace of negative change. That worry and that downward momentum can be very powerful. At the same time, it sometimes tak

Global Team Based Sales Force

You are one of four regional Human Resources Managers employed by Ace Consulting, an international consulting firm. You have been assigned to the International Sales division. Currently, one HR Manager is assigned to each of the four global regions: the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America. You report to the Corporate HR Director.

Essential Characteristics to Guiding Coalitions

Check Your Understanding What are the essential characteristics to guiding coalitions? Exercises Describe an organization development project that would be appropriate for your organization. Identify a theme for the intervention; explain why you chose that theme, and how it would be used in your organization. Issues to C

Team Meeting for Strategies for Change

You have been asked to head a new team, which has been labeled the Underwater Work Force (UWF). Answer the following questions: - What is the purpose of your team? - What will you address in your first meeting? - What threats and enemies cannot be escaped without group collaboration and cohesiveness? - What initiativ

Organizational Behavior and Communication

1. Describe the three patterns of ineffective communication. 2. What are the three kinds of change? 3. Why do change efforts so often fail? Professional Development Has your organization experienced numerous failed change efforts? If so, what can be done to ensure that failure does not occur in the future? Issues to Con

Compensation Package

Problem: You are a member of a national human resource management society which provides web materials for members, as well as on-line chat learning events with field experts. You have just finished reading a live chat presentation with the Martocchio, leading author on strategic compensation. Martocchio says that when designi

Strategies for change

Can you help me answer or point me in the right direction with the attached questions (also below)? From attached file: Can you help me with some background information on the following questions. 1. Explain the proper role of a board of directors in the conduct of corporate affairs. 2. Describe the four competencie

Global Technology (Part 2)

I'm seeking your professional input regarding issues dealing with global technology human resources and the global technology supply chain. See attached file for full problem description. Please do not copy, cut & paste text, copy from previous postings on Pfizer, or provide instructions on "how-to" from various internet site

Human resource management: career development.

What is the benfits to an origanization or individual having a formalized career development system? Should career development activities be integrated with other human resource management activities? What criteria should be considered to evaluate a good candidate for promotion? .


How does project planning improve the chances of project success. Who is involved? Roles and responsibilities? Project Plan components? Benefits of the components?

Production Line Multiple Choice

A production line is to be designed to make 500 El-More dolls per day. Each doll requires 11 activities totaling 16 minutes of work. The factory operates 750 minutes per day. The cycle time for this assembly line is a. 5,500 minutes b. one and one-half minutes c. one-half minute d. two minutes e. cannot

Management of human resources

I have a debate in my business class. The topic is: What do you think about the way executive compensation has escalated over the last several years? Do you think it is justifiable? Why or why not? I am trying to research this topic and need to find firstly why executive compensation has escalated over the past few years. Pl

Best practices manual for supervisors

1. Demonstrating Communication Skills 2. Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods 3. Improving Productivity for Teams 4. Conducting Performance Appraisals 5. Resolving Conflict 6. Improving Employee Relations Note - must have a minimum of three sources - cite

Resource Allocation

Resource Allocation Paper Part 3 of the plan involves generating work packages for functional organizations. Work-package development begins with a matrix that identifies the individuals responsible for the completion of each second-level task. A cost account is formed at the intersection of each task and organizational eleme

Develop a staffing plan for a new organization.

I have to develop a staffing plan for a new organization from a HRM perspective. In this plan I must discuss structure and how I will go about hiring the personnel. Where do I start" Help!

Business Ethics & Professional Development

Exercises Set forth and explain three unique ways you as an employee contributed to an organization's productive efforts. Were you specifically recognized for each contribution? If so, how? Was then recognition appropriate? Why or why not? If you were not specifically recognized for your contributions, set forth a few ap

Reebok International, Ltd. (2002)

Read Case 14, 'Reebok International, Ltd. (2002)." pages 14-1 through 14-42 in your text (Strategic Management and Business Policy) 10th edition Thomas L. Wheelen and J. David Hunger. Based on the case, your readings to date and any aditional resources necessary, your are being asked to complete the following sections of a Stra

MBA/530 Discussion questions

1. How do you eliminate a labor surplus and avoid a labor shortage? What are the advantages and disadvantages to doing this? 2. What recruitment policies and practices can organizations use to make job vacancies more attractive? What does your organization do? 3. What role should a recruiter play in fulfilling job openi

Employee's Right to Privacy

1) What are the limits to an employee's right to privacy at work in regards to telecommunication and information? What measures should a company take to protect its information and business? 2) How would you explain to a new employee, the need for your company's code of ethics is based on the Association of Information Tech

Employment Regulations & Temporary Disability

Imagine yourself as a Human Resource manager for a large firm and that one of your employees has suffered a temporary disability. 1. What laws would apply to temporary disability at the workplace? 2. Under what general circumstances is the employee entitled to benefits? 3. What are those benefits and who administers