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Human Resources Management

Management: Calculate your worth according to the salary indicators

See attached file. Compensation: Salaries How Much Are You Worth? Following a reading of some of the articles below and after conducting your own web-based search respond to the following questions, citing at least 3 sources (from the articles below) in making your arguments and responses: Answer the questions bel

HR - Why hire temporary employees. Status of drug testing in the US

My study group is having difficulty agreeing on the following questions. Please provide and answer to each with justification. 1. Recently some companies began to use temporary employees. Do you know why? Assume your company wants you to make a recruitment advertising for hiring temporary employees, what guidelines will

Strategic Human Resource Management and Planning for pending retirements

My study group would like assistance with the following question. Please be detailed. Considering the huge number of pending retirements in the U.S., what should your organization do to prepare for this phenomenon? How will you ensure that your organization has the necessary human resources it needs for the next 20 years?

Philosophy of HRM: a practical application

I am struggling with starting a paper on the addressing the philosophy of HRM; the paper should include things that are deemed to be the most valuable to HRM. Examples should include things such as you running a department and how you would intend to manage the human resource asset for the company. I will need references so I

HR and Change management

Please answer these questions assessing the HR issues that would arise if two companies within the Cable TV Industry were to merge. a. Explain the principles of effective organizational change and discuss how you would apply them in this merger. b. Determine the appropriate change process for the change situation that would a

Human Resources

What is the meaning of term human resource (the asset that is managed by the human resource department; not the department itself), and what impact does this definition have on HRM?

I need the following questions answered in your own words (125 words each):

1.) The text readings for this week identified the skills and competencies of an effective leader. Analyze the top three skills and why they are important in your own organization (A major University). 2.) In my University, the move to laptop computers in the classroom was a very slow change. When I first enrolled and even w

Human Resources management

1. Evaluate technology utilization and strategic HRM. 2. Discuss two ways in which HRM can be integrated into organizational operations. 3. Discuss two metrics that can be used to evaluating a company's existing and needed skill sets. 4. Find an article and share one best practice in human capital development - with citation

Causes of Workplace Stress

What are the general causes of workplace stress? What can organizations do to manage workplace stress? How can an organization evaluate the impact that stress-prevention and stress management programs have on its performance?

HRM: Approval process, compensation decisions and job evaluation

An Approval Process helps ensure that any changes that result from evaluating work are consistent with the organization's operations and directions- when is this process effective and when can it fail. Please support your answers. What do you think about involving employees in compensation decisions. Are there any compensa

Memo on changes within department

Compose an email memo that you, as Ed Sellack, would send to John Bass explaining the actions that you plan to take and your rationale for them. Your memo should include: Your analysis of the key issues. Your assessment of readiness for change in the group. The strategies that should be taken to complete the change.

Contemporary management technique

Fully explain from a military business point of view the value chain that would aid the military in achieving certain military CSFs: like 1) training, 2) administration, 3) security, 4) communication, 4) logistics, 5) finance 6) pay or pay scale

Project Management

Using the project you created in Unit 1 Individual Assignment, put together a proposal for the customer that includes the following: Briefly describe the first five points of the Project Scope Checklist in relation to your project: 1. What are the project objectives? 2. List the deliverables. 3. Identify the milestones of

Employee Motivation and Compensation

1. Examine future trends and compensation plans or models in hotels. 2. What should hotels be doing now (with rationale) to prepare for changes in compensation plans and how would you know that you are being paid fairly? 3. Identify compensation and motivation issues for contingency workers in hotels. 4. Recommend a strategy

Reward Systems and Compensation

Please help me answer each of the following: 1. Analyze the components required for effective administration of reward systems 2. Analyze methods for effectively administering total rewards systems. 3. Evaluate the effectiveness of a reward system 4. Discuss the following statement - "Networking is how most senior executiv


Please help me answer the following: 1. How would one apply compensation and reward systems to individuals as well as to work teams? 2. What are the non-monetary, and benefits/special services which can be used in a hotel in order to attract people to stay with the organization? Please provide all references used when a

Effectiveness of HR using accident rates

I am preparing a presentation for work related to HR functions that could be used to illustrate human resources effectiveness using accident rates. I do not know enough about HR to understand how accident rates illustrate organizational effectiveness. Can you help? I need to know what HR functions are involved and how they relat

Elements of effective Intranet

Imagine you work for a health care or human service organization that does not use an intranet. Write a proposal to management that lists the elements of an effective intranet, why each element is important, and the benefits of building an intranet as opposed to only using the Internet.

Human Resource Generalist

Answer the following questions about a new employee training program for the position you selected for your final project: 1. Needs assessment: What types of issues might indicate a need for training? From what sources would these issues be identified? If you were a training manager, how would you prioritize training needs from

Recommend Compensation Plan

The recommendation of Kudler Food's compensation plan will include components of the following: a) The job analysis using the job position and new job descriptions. b) The job design which includes the job based and person based assessment. c) A discussion on the competitive compensation rates in the market. d) Perfo

Value of Human Resources to an organization?

What is the value of Human Resources to an organization? Explain how and why the organization prioritizes and values the following HR functions, staffing, employee development, compensation, employment laws and labor relations, to include health, safety, and security.

Advantage of Cohesive Teams

Write an article for the company newsletter about the beneficial traits of a cohesive team. Include the following points: - a win/win approach - focusing on the problem, not the person - open and straightforward communication - clear goals - crossing of roles because there is interdependence

Ethical Framework

Create a framework for an ethical organization of your own design. The ethical framework will include a description of the organization, the organization's mission and values statements, a code of ethics, a description of the organization's culture, the leadership approach, and methods of oversight. You will be introduced to the

The solution to Compensation and benefits

1. Southeastern Oklahoma State University is growing university, however, professor and employee turn over rate is becoming a major concern. They are currently working on their pay structure, should they conduct a survey for this? Support your answer. 2. CGI is planning to develop a next generation video card for gaming in

Employee behavior

Would you able to help me on this if you know the Law. Please response if you do. Question: Beth, managing editor of the City News, has a lenient policy concerning employee tardiness. She would prefer that employees be to work by 9a.m., but does not usually enforce this policy. One week, Don, who has spent the previous month

Socio-Geographic Factors

Please see the attached file. Socio-Geographic Factors Choose a national organization and then write a paper that describes the following: a) Identify and define classes (not job classification) within the organization and how each class is determined. b) What are the work values displayed by those classes? c) Ho

Tactical roles of HRM

What tactical roles does HR perform in an organization? How does an HR professional act as a coach, counselor, adviser and change agent? How does an HR professional identify customers and assess and address customers needs and concerns?