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Human Resources Management

HR Question

In the last decade, the focus on HR has shifted from a mere traditional role to a more innovative role involving a strategic partner focus, an emphasis on being a change agent, the need to be an employee advocate and the more traditional role of administration. Choose which role you feel is most important and explain your ration

Human Resource Management: Globalization and Diversity

Deliverable Length: 3-4 paragraphs Consider this statement In spite of advocacy for evaluation, a relatively small proportion of companies conduct human resource management evaluations.... Nonetheless, important variables are positively correlated with the conduct of such evaluation, including financial performance [...]

Identify and analyze a Web site intended as a resource for human services

Use search tools such as Google, Yahoo, etc., to identify a Web site intended as a resource for human services, and analyze the site based on evaluation criteria from a reliable source, such as the Wolfgram Library from Widener University. (Select "Evaluating Websites" from Widener University's Wolfgram Library Web site.) Wr

Human Resources Department Training Project Proposal

Human Resources Department Training Project Proposal Development and training can be initiated by many different reasons. Some of these reasons include improvement of skills, improvement of performance, to train on specific topic, to test or pilot new system, or part of overall development program. Typical topic of

Independent Contractors, Discriminatory Practices, Class Groups

Please help with the following questions. Detail answers and examples would be greatly appreciated. 1. When using independent contractors, firms must be prepared to relinquish most of their control over how the work is done. Why is this good advice? Include an example in your answer. 2. Employment requirements and pr

Human Resource Staffing Strategy

What are the key factors managers must consider when designing an effective human resource staffing system? What are the elements of an effective staffing system and process? What is the link between effective staffing and effective management?

Management of Diversity to Increase Company Performance

Deliverable Length: 2-3 pages Details: How can the management of diversity affect a company's performance? Explain. Use the Library or other Web resources to research this question. Provide at least one real-world example to support your answer. Objective: Research and discuss issues in human resource management, includi

MGT410 Unit 3

MGT410 Unit 3 IP 4-5 Pages Consider the following scenario: Jim Delaney, president of Apex Door, has a problem. No matter how often he tells his employees how to do their jobs, they invariably "decide to do it their own way," as he puts it, and arguments ensue among Jim, the employee, and the employee's supervisor. One exampl

Human Resources/Strategic Leadership

1. Discuss how a leader identifies what is "right" for his or her organization. How does an organizations definition of "right" influence the practices for attracting, keeping, developing and hiring the right people and then how do those practices impact other organizational practices.

HR Teambuilding Scenario

One of your new contacts from the teambuilding seminar has called you for help. She is the Human Resource Manager of a larger manufacturing company. Her division is divided into 7 departments and each department is dependent on the other for success. In today's morning production meeting, the superintendents expressed much co

Policy for external competitiveness and forms of pay

Using concepts related to external competitiveness, provide pay recommendations for a manager's position in Time Warner . Apply appropriate pay concepts to determine the pay for a managerial position. What policy regarding external competitiveness would you advise? List the options and the pros and cons of each policy option

International HRM for Starbucks in China: performance appraisal and evaluation

You are in charge of HR for a company that has recently moved into a new country. (China) You have been asked to provide a report on considerations needed for new employees. (Starbucks) Analyze the organizational development practices and make recommendations on how to increase the following: The counrty is China and the c

Sexual harassment

Please assist on the following case: Peggy had been working for a real estate agency for two months. During this time she developed a friendship with another fellow real estate agent, John. John helped Peggy learn the various policies and procedures of the office. During a recent office party John asked if Peggy would be i

Creating an employee survey: CF&F Employee Survey

5-7 slides with speaker notes; 300-500 words for discussion Details: The CEO has asked the Vice President of Human Resources to have the HR team to put together a CF&F Employee Survey that would assess the level of employee engagement. The CEO and Vice President believe that engaged employees are productive, innovative,

Human Resources/Strategic leadership

I need assistance in compiling information for a 2 part question 1. Lawler III, E.E (2003) proposes the diamond model for organizational effectiveness. Discuss one of the four of the four corners of his model. Discuss what that factor might look like in a military organization. How does that determinate of effectiveness re

Writing a persuasive letter

Write a persuasive letter utilizing a specific strategy, standard block or modified block letter format, and an appropriate business style. Thanks

Classic Airlines Scenario: Benchmark for three different companies.

****ATTACHED POSSIBLE TOPICS THAT CAN BE USED THAT RELATE TO SCENARIO***** Individually identify three different problem/opportunity statements from the Classic Airlines scenario equating to Topic A, B, and C. The problem/opportunity for three Topics should relate to the Product focus of this week. For each problem statement

Strategic Human Resources - Home Depot

I need help coming up with about 300 words about Home Depot who has one of the following issues: (1) Employee morale is currently low and management is concerned about employees will perceive the staffing audit and follow-up. (2).The executives are determined to proceed in transforming InterClean's workforce in whatever way

Human resources

Need some assistance in preparing a 500 word paper discussing the following scenario. You are working in the Human Resources Department. You are talking with some friends about your job and what you have learned. Share with them the importance of a good hire. Talk about all that is involved in the recruitment and selection proce

Human Resource Management for Global Environment

How can HRM ensure that it is properly preparing the organization for dealing with the global environment? What changes have occurred in the practice of HRM? Please annotate your resources. Thanks

Staffing and Organization

As a staffing professional in the human resources department or as the hiring manager of a work unit, explain why it is so important to represent the organization's interests, and what are some possible consequences of not doing so?

Consequences of managerial mistakes

Need help in preparing a paper researching possible consequences of managerial mistakes when dealing with employees. Discuss how the knowledge and understanding of employee handbook by managers can prevent lawsuits from occurring.

Policy Manual For New Managers (HELP)

Focusing on the four elements of the POLC model: Plan, Organize, Lead, and Control. I am the owner and CEO of a brand new Internet access company, known as the XYZ Internet Company. I need help creating a Policy Manual for new managers. This manual should provide guidance to the new incoming managers, as they set up th