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Imagine you have your own business, and sell online and have a store-front.
Analyze the amount, types, options, location, and speed of communications you practice at your job. How it applies to your work environment in a 700-1050 word paper. Include your communication analysis. Please make sure that you double-space your paper, follow APA guidelines.

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// We know that communications are an important part of a business and managing a business, well, requires the communication to be effective. In this paper, we will analyze the aspects related to communication such as the amount, type, options and speed, talking of an online business: //

We are considering the situation of an online business and the communications that are involved for managing the business with the customers and with the employees. It is an evident fact that there has been a sizeable growth in the number of people using the internet in the last few years. Most activities are now done through the help of internet, whether it be ordering food or shopping without having to visit the stores, physically. People prefer the convenience of the options available, which has resulted in a lot of companies that manage their businesses wholly through the use of this media and even large business houses that are in operation outside, have some of their interactions managed through the internet (Falconer, 2009).

The effectiveness of a business depends to a large extent on how well the communications are managed, and this is true regardless of the type of organization. If running a business online, it becomes all the more important to take care of the communications. In a regular workplace setting, the communication also involves informal conversations; but in the case of managing the business online, it is important to structure the communication efforts through regular methods such as scheduled phone conversations, e-mails and periodic face-to-face meetings (Innis, Heneman & Greenberger, 2002). In the same way, as a business is managed, using technology can further keep the lines of communication open and flowing.

// We have discussed so ...

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The response address the queries posted in 1066 words with references.