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    Project 2 for National Foods

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    Submit a report illustrating how you will apply the following knowledge areas applicable to Project Management based on the attached Project Proposal:

    Project organisation
    - Time management
    - Cost management
    - Resource management
    - Integration and quality management
    - Risk management
    - Human resource management and communications management
    - Procurement and contract management if it is critical to your project

    The maximum word length for this part is 2,500 words excluding words used in any forms or diagrams that you have used to apply the knowledge areas. If you opt to use words to explain how you have applied a knowledge area you should limit them to one page per knowledge area (approx. 250 words).
    If you are believe that this is a large or complex project it is sufficient if your work illustrates how you will apply these to one major aspect of your project (e.g. Deliverable, Subdeliverable, Work Package, Phase or Milestone). This is typically dependant upon the scope, scale or size of the project.

    You are also required to provide a list of references listing all the sources you have referred. These need not necessarily be only academic references.

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    Project Report for Logistics department located at the Lidcombe facility

    Project management is a discipline or a system by which a management team can complete the project within the specific time period by using the available resources. It is the application of tools, techniques, skills and knowledge for organizing and managing the planned effort of the project on-time (Abdel-Hamid, Madnick, 1989).
    It includes development of project plan, project objectives, project goals and tasks, resources to achieve the goals of the project, budget, time line, implementation of the project etc. Project management also involves the project deliverable, work breakdown structure and responsibility matrix for the project (Abdel-Hamid, Madnick, 1989).
    This project report is related to the National Foods Ltd., that is a subsidiary of Kirin Holdings (Australia) Pvt. Ltd. Lidcombe facility and the South Australian Operations are also a part of this unit. Kirin Holdings want to separate these two facilities from National Food by August 2009. The company wants to operate these business units as an individual entity. This is main reason behind the swapping of entire supply chain and manufacturing process of the organization.
    Scope of This Project Report
    Recently, Dairy Farmers is acquired by National Foods Limited. Due to this acquisition, the Lidcombe facility that is a part of Dairy Farmers will be separated by National Foods. Before preceding this separation, it is necessary for the Lidcombe Facility to implement the existing distribution network possessed by National Foods. This activity of the company comprises the changes in the product range, differentiation in the basic customer services, different route to capture the market, etc. This project report will be helpful for the management to distribute the various activities and responsibilities to the employees and complete the project on time by utilizing the available resources. The time duration to complete this project is 100 days and the cost of the project is estimated $250,000.
    Project Deliverables
    Project deliverables can be defined as the results of the project and activity. It includes systems, equipments, networks, product design, hardware, new methods and procedures, documentation, training and development process, support, facilities etc. In the planning process deliverables play a key role (Anderson et al, 1989). These provide a unique presence to each project. These deliverables influence the process of cost and risk and also determine the skills and resources to produce the results. These deliverables can be achieved by using various techniques and methods such as mathematical, schematics, sketches, tabular diagram, various performance development programs etc. (Anderson et al, 1989).
    The deliverables of this Project are as follows:
     Stretch Wrapping Capability
     Retail Customers Set Up and transition supply into Lidcombe
     Regional Distribution Centre transition
     Training Plan
     Route to Market Network
     Distribution Centre Layout
     Implement a Proof of Delivery Process for Account Reconciliation
     Container Control Process Covering Crates and Pallets
     Develop Sales and Operational Plan to ensure minimum stock shortages
     Seamless transition with NO disruption to customers and NO reduction in Customer Service
     Maintain a minimum 98% on Delivered in Full on Time KPI (DIFOT)
    Time Management
    Project time management can be defined as the group of various plans and processes, which are required to complete the project on time. In order to complete the project on time it is necessary for the management to establish a time line for the various activities of the project (Ferrara, 2006). For properly balancing the schedule, it is necessary to organize and make use of time wisely. Improper and unplanned use of time may cause huge failure of management in terms of responsibility and individual may always feel that there is scarcity of time (Ferrara, 2006). The management should establish a timeline for the project to utilize the resources in an effective manner. Effective time management reduces the level of stress and work pressure. This also reduces the cost of the project.
    Work break down and Gantt chart concept of project management helps in better time management and monitoring the project. WBS and Gantt chart for this project is shown in the excel file. WBS is a necessary step to divide the various activities of project. Firstly, the management should prioritize the work and activity as per its importance. So, list of prioritized work should be prepared and must be given due concern. Otherwise lack of focus would lead an individual reaching nowhere. Importance of task can only be identified, if we have clarity of goals therefore; clarity in goals acts as a fundamental step in ...

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