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Foods and drinks that are beneficial

Please choose 2 foods, (ie.Cherios-lower Cholesterol), herbs, any food or drink -that you want to talk about the supposed benefits and claims of helping our health and wellbeing by taking these. Pick 2 foods you've possibly tried and thought would "Help" you. Think about if it really has helped the way they claim it will.

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First, know that said claims can come under scrutiny so making sure that the food or item select is a sound one is advisable. There are some choices that are tried and true and centuries-long in credibility but others are making claims that are controversial, which I'd stay away from.

Starting at a reputable source like the CDC website is sensible or other resources that are in the business of rating and scrutinizing such products and claims is a good idea. Another tough-guy group, Center for Science in the Public Interest can help offer ideas about claims and real value.

Green leafy vegetables:
Everyone should consume green leafy vegetables, for its Vitamin B and folic acid. But of special interest is the value to pregnant women and those who are about to be pregnant. Folic acid or, Folacin, Folate, Pteroylglutamic acid, Vitamin B9 has been shown to prevent major birth defects of a fetus brain or spine. According to the National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary ...

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Vegetables, CDC and other health research are discussed.