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Subcultural Segmentation

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I am having trouble explaining the importance of subcultural segmentation to marketers of food products and identify a food product for which the marketing mix should be rationalized. Also, how is the marketing mix varied across different geographic parts of the United States and why?

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The easiest example is food for children. There are various levels of food for children, each specific to the age groups targeted within the 'children' target market. To access the appropriate market, marketing must be applied to that specific group, or their parents. When one looks at children, we realize the age groups are extremely different and the different foods are not all appropriate for all children. For example, baby foods can be for ages up to six months, or the time when teeth come in. There are baby foods that are not appropriate for small babies. Foods and texture would be difficult for them to eat.

Kids meals are appropriate for kids, but targeting small children and picky eaters ...

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The expert examines subcultural segmentation.

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