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How has the automobile industry segmented the market?

How has the automobile industry segmented the market? Is this advantageous to the automobile industry? To the consumer? How can segmentation result in customer confusion? Give some examples. What would happen if the industry did not segment?

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Automobile Industry Segmentation

Segmentation in Automobile Industry
Segmentation of market is a significant strategy that can direct the companies towards its target markets in a peculiar manner and same is the case with automobile industry, that make use of market segmentation for targeting to its target customers (Peter & Donnelly, 2002). The automobile industry segment its market along with different kind of segmentation approach as in each and every state needs of consumers differ in regard to the automobiles. In present automobile industry is doing well and had achieved an immense growth that is due to its effective market segmentation.

The automobile industry players segment its market on the basis of following variables as they know that by making use of these variables they can efficiently fulfil the needs and desires of its customers:
? Geographic Segmentation: With the help of this segmentation variable, automobile companies segment their market on the basis of ...

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