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    Benchmarking HK

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    I don't know where to begin and I am so lost! I need to benchmark Mattel and Whole Foods Inc or Rhino Foods using the concepts of strategic management processes (differentiate corporate strategy from project management) and organizational culture ( implications of organizational culture on project structure). Attached is the scenario to benchmark against. Can youu help me make sense of this?

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    Company selected: Rhino Foods:
    Specifying the organization's objectives:
    1. The organizations objectives are to establish business relationships.
    2. The objectives are to research, develop, produce and market special ice creams.
    3. It tends to position its products as "having fun' items. In other words high on fun dimension.
    4. Its objective is to make specialty novelties that meet the needs of the upper end of ice-cream industry.

    Developing Policies and plans to achieve these objectives:
    1. The policies of Rhino include producing pioneering, high value/high priced, single serve novelty ice creams.
    2. The look of the products is homemade and not mass produced.
    3. Use the highest quality ingredients for the products.
    4. It co-packs novelties for the largest ice-creams.
    5. The own novelty brand of Rhino is Chessters. These are chocolate chip cookies packed with vanilla frozen custard.
    6. The policy is all products is that same, the products all look homemade. They are not uniform and are made from fresh best quality ingredients.
    7. To maintain its position in the market Rhino needs to do continuous research, provide impeccable service and serve excellent quality.
    Allocating resources to implement the objectives:
    1. Rhino has 49,000 sq feet of ...

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