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Fast Food Teamwork

Visit a nearby McDonald's or a Burger King restaurant. Observe the activities and the behavior of all the employees, both during a busy period and during a period with few customers.

To what extent do you think the employees (or at least some of them) are working as a group, as contrasted with working as individuals with only individual responsibilities?

Do you think that if the employees worked as a group it would help to improve efficiency and service? As a manager of the restaurant what actions can you take to encourage a greater degree of group working? Please list at least 3 three actions that could be taken to encourage group working. How can management shape behaviors and encourage either?

Submit a one-page report on this.

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Oftentimes, the store workers are working individually and on their own tasks. This happens most during periods with few customers. However, during busy times, I can see some assistants helping the cashier with the items that are being ordered. There are also times that the managers assist the cashiers, too. But sometimes I also see supervisors just watching the staff during busy moments. I see most of those assigned in the kitchen work on their own. I feel that during peak hours, there is a need for the staff to work as a team and as a group, helping and assisting each other so that service can be improved. It is a great help to have someone assist the cashier as otherwise, the customers can be served longer and the lines will become longer, too.

It is important to build a mindset of teamwork among the staff of the burger store. Workers ...

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The solution describes the observations of employees working in a fast food restaurant and some suggestions for improvement if they work as a team. References are included.