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Non-Market Environment Analysis

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Using the fours I's—issues, institutions, interests and information—that characterize the non-market environment, develop an analysis of the fast food industry using McDonald's as your primary focus.

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The issues in the non-market environment are that the products that are being sold by the fast food industry and particularly McDonald's are that the company is promoting unhealthy food. The food that is being sold by the fast food industry is high in fat, sugar, salt, and low in fiber and vitamins. The diet of this type is linked with heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. McDonald's has been held responsible for an outbreak of food poisoning in the UK in 1991. Another issue related to fast food industry is that workers are paid very low wages (Watson. J, 2006). They are not paid on time even though they have worked very long hours. Another issue is that fast food chains support torture and murder of millions of animals and birds. The animals are intensely farmed and kept under conditions no animal should be kept. There is no humane slaughter. Fast food chain and McDonald's in ...

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