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    Human Resource Management

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    Outline how the rights between employers and employees can be balanced in order to be most productive.apa 300 words

    Explain when a business decision becomes an ethical one. APA 300 words

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    //As per directions, in this discussion paper, we will discuss how Employers' and Employees' rights can be balanced to be most generative. You are free to add more in this topic, which you find suitable. I am just furnishing you a brief overview to enhance your knowledge.//

    Balancing Rights among the Employers & the Employees:

    In an organization, both employers and employees play a crucial role for the success & growth of the business system. Without any one of them, an organization not only is unable to operate its business smoothly, but also turns to be less productive. Thus, in an organization; rights among employers and the employees can be balanced or we can say that both have to be given an equal priority. To maintain a balance between employers' and employees' rights, organization should effectively follow employment law, which addresses all the rights and obligations between the employers-employees relationship, so that no one in the organization have to face problems pertaining to discrimination, wrong termination, wages and taxation and workplace safety (How State Law Defines the Ideal Employee-employer Relationship, 2008).

    In order to be most productive, both employers and the employees must realize their obligations to each other and try to uphold their rights. In an organization, to maintain a balance; valid contract should be formed between employers & employees in which rights & duties of ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 843 words with references.