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    Wage & Benefit Issues

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    Please help with the following study questions. Detailed responses are greatly appreciated by our study group.

    1. Why do employees today place such a high priority on paid time off? Do you feel that companies are fair in their offerings for vacation/personl/sick time? Why or why not?

    2. There are many nuances to the design of an acceptable pension program. Design a model program to be offered to the union and explain your rationale.

    3. In recent years, management negotiators have increased their resistance to increases in private pension funding. Do you foresee any changes in this trend moving forward? Why or why not?

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    // Paid time off is an important concept for human resource department. The employees are benefited by giving paid holidays for fulfilling the needs of their personal life. Most of the organizations provide paid time off to their employees in order to keep their motivation level high. In this context, we will discuss various aspects of paid time off. //

    Today many organizations are looking for best opportunities for their employees in terms of bonus, compensation, benefits, increments and many more. To achieve this, many companies provide Paid Time Off (PTO) for eligible candidates for the purpose of relaxation, rest, illness, holidays, personal, family and other needs. Paid Time Off scheme covers vacation, holiday, sick and funeral leaves in a single program. This program provides opportunities to employees in scheduling time off to meet their family needs and balance their professional and personal life.

    The structure of the Paid Time Off Scheme is designed in a unique way to provide assistance to employees and managing staffing requirements in order to fulfill the operational needs of the company. In most of the companies, businesses consider time -off software for the better management of their work. It is used to draw those employees who are hard to recruit. The amount of paid vacation depends on the duration of the job and the profile in the company. Paid Time Off policy gives employees several controls over unplanned absences, major problems and cost, and thus employees ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 974 words with references.