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Compensation & Benefits

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1. Discuss ethical and business issues related to terminating or limiting retiree benefit plans in Chapter 9 or 11 bankruptcies. Use the Detroit and Delphi bankruptcy experiences as examples.

2.Do local laws requiring "fair wage" clauses (i.e. wages have to equal those paid to area union contractors) benefit American workers? Why or why not? Support your answer.

3.Discuss the unemployment compensation insurance laws in North Carolina. How has the recent recession affected your company's exposure to UC rates? (If you are not employed, select a local business and investigate.)

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The response provides you a structured explanation of issues related to compensation and benefits. It also gives you the relevant references.

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1. You should consider several ethical and business issues related to terminating or limiting retiree benefit plans in Chapter 9 or 11 bankruptcies. Chapter 9 bankruptcy provides protection to municipalities, This means financial distressed cities, counties, townships and school districts are provided financial protection. Chapter 11 provides reorganization for financially distressed businesses, or individuals. In both cases retiree benefits may be terminated or severely limited. From the ethical perspective a retiree pension plan gives retirement income security for the remaining life of the plan member. These plans help those who have worked throughout their lives. Withdrawal or cutting retiree benefits can have devastating consequences for people in their old age after they have retired. From the consequential ethics perspective, the cutting of retiree ...

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