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Management of Diversity to Increase Company Performance

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Details: How can the management of diversity affect a company's performance? Explain. Use the Library or other Web resources to research this question. Provide at least one real-world example to support your answer.

Research and discuss issues in human resource management, including globalization and diversity

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How can the management of diversity affect a company's performance? Explain.
Management can be said to be diverse in many ways and this includes, demographically diversified, diversified in, gender, race, origin etc.
It has been found out that top management's demographic characteristics influence the decisions that are made by the top level management in an organizational hierarchy and therefore the actions adopted by the organizations that they lead also influences the performance of the company. The main reason behind improved performance due to demographic diversity is, that the demographic characteristics are associated with many cognitive values, bases, and perceptions that ...

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The solution determines how management of diversity affects a company's performance. The issues in human resource management are discussed.