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    Company-Wide Diversity Programs

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    The organization have decided that it would be beneficial for the organization to sponsor some company-wide diversity programs. How is diversity typically defined and what arguments can be made to management for conducting these diversity-initiative programs? Use Diversity Inc. or other sources to gather information to respond to these questions. Cite the opinions of some experts (journals, etc.) who address these issues.

    The initial response should not consist solely of opinion statements, but be supported by factual information

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    Diversity refers to a commitment to accepting the variety of characteristics that make individuals unique in an environment that promotes individual/collective achievement. The characteristics normally included are culture, disability, age, ethnicity, education, sex, language, political affiliation, race, religious beliefs and sexual orientation (Kuczynski, S. 1999).. For example, if physically handicapped persons are employed by a company it increases diversity.

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    Management should know that diversity programs are likely to be beneficial to the company. The first argument for having a diverse work-force is that people ...

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