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HRM - Structure and Use of Groups and Effective Communication

Evaluate how a company structures and uses groups or teams. Do you feel your organization would be a good fit for you ? Why or why not?

How would you modify your communication style to better accommodate team members with contrasting styles? Provide specific examples.

What recommendations can you make for effective communication among coworkers who have contrasting communication styles? Be sure to provide specific examples.

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Every organization has a well-defined organizational structure and a work culture to which the employees abide and work cohesively to achieve the objectives. To carry out the stated tasks, the employees will have to come together to achieve the organizational goals, which will reap benefits to the organization, as well as, the team members. In an organization, the manager is the cohesive agent, who brings a team together. The Team formed, largely depends on the organizational structure of the company for example: if an organization has a matrix structure then, the teams are formed according to the ongoing projects. So this means that the team is not a permanent one and once the task will be accomplished, it will lead to the dispersion of the team members.

The organization forms a team or group by identifying the purpose of team formation. There are 4 stages involved in the group formation. Forming is the first stage in a group or tem formation wherein, the team members are introduced to each other, assigned responsibility and the task to be achieved is communicated amongst the group. As and when, a group is formed, there are bound to arise problems, issues and internal conflicts amongst the members. This is characterized in the storming stage in the group formation. The conflicts arise when the purpose of task and its other facets are not conveyed properly to the group. The issues when solved lead to the establishment of guidelines of how the task has to be performed to achieve successful results. Every individual now knows what is expected of him to ...

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In this solution, we will discuss the manner in which an organization forms a team or group to perform a task. We will also elaborate the communication style that should be adopted to carry out the tasks efficiently in a group, as well as, suggest the communication style that best suits the team. The response is 1072 words with references