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    Dealing with Dual-Career Couples

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    For this assignment, you are to put yourselves in the role of the Human Resources Manager for a medium-sized organization. You are charged with writing a policy for how your organization will deal (or won't deal) with employing dual-career couples. As part of this assignment, you must also provide an explanation (based on information from the text and other sources) of the policy's contents. Use the information in the text, case and questions at the end of the case to help you in assessing what must be addressed in the policy. You may also look at policies organizations have in place but you cannot merely copy those policies. You are responsible for ensuring your policy reflects your reasoned position and is explained using appropriate theory and facts. In your explanation, be sure to address each section of the policy and its meaning.

    There should be two major sections to your assignment:

    The first section should contain the full policy
    The second section should contain your explanation/analysis.

    Evaluation Criteria:
    Have you identified the critical issues/problems in employing dual career couples?
    How well does your policy deal with those issues/problems, taking into consideration the interests of the organization and individuals?
    How well does your policy address the necessary procedures to implement/maintain consistent application of the policy?
    Is information from the textbook and other sources, as applicable, integrated into your analysis appropriately? If you are using sources other than the text, you must provide complete citations.

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    Dealing with Dual-Career Couples

    Date: December 7, 2009
    To: Chief Executive Officer
    From: HR Manager
    Subject: How our organization will deal (or won't deal) with employing dual-career couples?
    We are aware with the fact that from the time of our organization's beginning it had employed a number of human resource policies for managing its human resources and now in present as dual-career family lifestyle is becoming more common in the country the workforce is getting dominated by dual career couples. Same is the case with our organization as it will also face a number of troubles if not dealt with dual career couples (Serving Dual-Career Families: Problem or Opportunity, 1984). For employing and dealing with dual career couples we will make a peculiar policy that will involve a number of aspects in regard to the management of problems of dual career couples so that they can perform their duties in an effective and efficient manner.
    For managing with the advent of the dual career couple that poses challenges for the working spouses and for business we will carry out different kind of facilities and flexibilities so that myriad of problems confronted by couples can be resolved in a timely manner. The most general problem confronted among the dual career couples are problem with allocation of time, finances, poor communication and conflict over house works. These entire problems can be resolved by preparing an all inclusive policy that includes benefit plans along with flexible arrangements for job.
    Our policy for the dual ...

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