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    Create a performance and career management program for employees

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    Career Development Plan Part III - Performance and Career Management

    For this portion of the assignment, create a performance and career management program for the employees selected for your team.

    Create an appraisal form that you may use to evaluate the performance of each new employee of your team.

    Prepare a report on a career management plan for your new employees. Be sure to answer the following in your report:

    o Feedback - How is feedback given to the employee? What opportunities are provided to the employee after the feedback is given?

    o How will you help the employee reach a higher level of performance?

    o Are there promotions available, educational opportunities to increase skills, etc.? Explain.

    o Are there flexible opportunities for dual career parents? Explain.

    o Explain your adaptation to the diversity of your team in terms of each person's careers. How would you handle each member?

    o Assuming your budget is zero, provide a justification of why your report will work. Within your explanation, identify expected benefits and types of costs.

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    //Before writing about the attributes of an appraisal form, it is essential to have knowledge about the appraisal form and its key points. One should know about the basic theme of an appraisal form, in order to assess the criteria of performance evaluation for the employees.//


    Appraisal form provides the basis for reviewing and evaluation of the performance of the employees by applying different criteria. With this form, organizations provide final rating to their human resources regarding their performance. This form guides the organization to make decisions that are pertinent for the human resources. Appraisal forms are mainly focused upon the future performance and based on the past performance of the workers. It is an important part of performance appraisal process of the organizations.

    //After the discussion of appraisal form and its basic tenets, we will move forward with the explanation of the attributes used in an appraisal form and then provide an example of the appraisal form. //


    There are various attributes that are taken into consideration by the organizations to develop a competent appraisal form. Attributes like quality of work, quantity of work, knowledge of specific job, effectiveness and accuracy, team spirit, initiatives and innovation, communication capabilities, supervisory aptitude, planning and organizational effectiveness, reliability, dependability and attendance are used for the evaluation of employee performance (Mathis & Jackson, 2006).

    Appraisal form for employee evaluation

    To evaluate the performance of each employee in a standard procedure, appraisal forms are the best device utilized by the human resource department. It involves various aspects that are important for the overall organizational performance. In an appraisal form, the final ratings to the recruits are given on the basis of their behavior and characteristics. Characteristics like decision making ability, job confidence, addressing the stress, inter personal capabilities; motivation, leadership and conflict handling are used for the performance evaluation of employees. To evaluate the performance of each of the employee, this type of appraisal form can be used (Performance appraisals, 2009).

    Employee Name:


    Evaluation Period:


    Maximum Marks

    Quantity of work

    Quality of work

    Job Knowledge

    Team spirit

    Initiatives & innovation

    Communication capabilities


    Supervisory aptitude

    Planning & Organizational effectiveness

    Dependability & attendance

    Comments of the Employer

    Employee ...

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    A performance and career management program for employees is created.