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Career Development and Training: Create a training program f

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Career Development Plan Part II-Development of a Training and Mentoring Program

Create a training program for the employees selected for your team.

? Resources: The Management Behavior and the Career Development Plan Part I-Job Analysis and Selection assignments

? Prepare a report explaining the following information:

o The new training and mentoring needs
o Objectives of the training and mentoring program
o Performance standards
o Delivery methods
o Content for training and mentoring
o Time frame
o Evaluation methods
o Feedback
o Alternate avenues for those who need further development

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// The question requires details on the new training and mentoring needs. Here you need to explain the importance of the processes and if possible also provide a few examples that you might feel appropriate. I have provided you with a brief which you can use as an outline and expand.//

The new training and mentoring needs: Training and mentoring are two essential elements for every business. In the case of new employees to a job, it is seen that there is a need for new training and mentoring to be introduced within the organisations. These training and mentoring is based on the employee profiles and the levels based on which the employees can learn and develop. Hence for every company recruiting newer employees this is a very essential aspect. Mostly in the case of new employees these form the basic understanding of the organisation and the job.

Objectives of the training and mentoring program: The main objective of any training and mentoring program is to provide the employees with the best knowledge. Here the trainers attempt to ensure that the employees gain complete knowledge of the processes and also gain as much as possible in terms of the soft skills. The training programs are mainly to help the employees improve and develop their skills not only for the job but overall skills improvements.

// You can also include a few more details like how the training and mentoring programs help the businesses and the ...

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