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Human Resources Management

Project Implementation, Control, and Termination: human resources

Using the same project selected in previous papers, and any information previously gathered, prepare a paper in which you update each component of your previous papers include the following: 1. Steps taken to return the "human resources" to the organization. For projects which had people assigned full time, what are their ne

Virtual worker versus the traditional worker?

1. With so much information available, is there a difference in how much information needs to be provided to the virtual worker versus the traditional worker? If so, explain how. 2. Are there differences in the kinds of information needed by the virtual worker versus the traditional worker? How about in your workpl

Questions in regards to a case study involving harassment

Need some assistance in answering the following questions in regards to a mini case study involving harassment. What federal law and/or state law apply to this case? What kind of harassment, if any, took place? What steps should an employee normally take to qualify a claim for sexual harassment? What agency(s) should Kitty

Human Capital Concept Worksheet

Worksheet includes tips for completing the following columns/sections: - Concept - Application of concept to scenario - Citation of source in reading - Personal experience in your organization

Global Workforce: components of a compensation system in a global organization

Application Case 4-1 Solving the Labor Dilemma in a Joint Venture in Japan John has found himself with a critical labor shortage, and he doesn't know exactly how to solve his problem. John is the founder, president, and CEO of a small manufacturing firm, Johnsco Electronics. The company has approximately 300 employees in

Major trends and impact on organization next 5-10 years

1. What can be done to strengthen the relationship between human resource management and the organization's strategy? 2. Examine one of the major trends in human resource management that will have significant impact on our organization for the next five to ten years. 3. Organizational Safety and Health Discussion There

Workplace Observation

Describe the observable aspects of the NYC Dept. of Education's organizational culture (700-1050 words). Address your perceptions of at least three of the following aspects: How communication flows Organizational diversity Dress and language Conflict management Organizational policies Technology Artifacts, symbols, and st

Human resource management

Case 1 This is an Illinois case from May 2000 - A security guard employed by the Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute was struck by a gang war's stray bullet and killed him. His job was to provide security inside the building, which was not open to the public. When he wasn't patrolling inside the building, he sa

Trends and Challenges in HR Management.

What are some future trends and challenges for HR management? What can HR do to support the organization's strategies for growth and quality? How can technology improve HR decisions? What are some safety issues within your organization? What is your organization doing to be proactive with regard to safety management? How can

Article about intercultual communications styles analysis

You have been asked to write an article for the company's internal newspaper. The article is about intercultural communication styles and how they affect oral and written communication. The article will propose tips and suggestions for how to interact with employees from all over the world. You decide to do some research an

Human resource management

1.Identify demographic trends in the US & world. Explain some of the ways in which these trends affect employee relations and retention efforts.

Introduction to Decision Making

Using the Internet, search for a business whose primary purpose is to help other companies make better decisions. In your search be careful to look for the term "decision making," "improving decisions," or "decision analysis" and then look beyond the businesses home webpage for information that can help you address the questions

Human Resource (HR): Training effectiveness and length; support systems

Evaluation is an important component of training. What strategies do you all have to evaluate training effectiveness? Are these strategies effective? Why or why not? How would one best determine the appropriate length of time for training in a particular job? How could one accelerate training while retaining the key job funct

OSHA & FLSA: Importance and case examples

This assignment focuses on two laws critical to both employees and employers. FLSA: What is one aspect of FLSA that is important to work life today? What was the role of the collective voice in establishing this important area of the law? OSHA: Search for a case where OSHA fined the employer for some wrongdoing wh

Collective Bargaining process: steps to settle disputes

Analyze and explain the collective bargaining process and the steps available to settle disputes when the parties cannot agree on a solution. Does the mediator have formal authority to impose a solution in a labor dispute? If mediation fails what action will typically follow?

Progressive discipline procedure

What are some pros and cons of progressive discipline in general, and should I agree or disagree with the following two statements on progressive discipline: --- 1 major problem every 2 months may lead to termination sooner than 1 minor problem every month. --- 1 minor problem every month may lead through the steps of pr

Current Legal Issues: Human Resource Management

Details: Over the years, there has been much debate over the classification of "Employment at Will" employees. "Employment at Will" is a term that refers to the protection applied to the employment relationship, where the employer or the employee has the right to terminate the employment relationship at any time. Elora Jean

Current Legal Issues in Human Resource Management

Details: Elora Jean & Co. has had a period of adjustment in the past 8 months, adjusting to the involvement of the union in the business practices within the production facility. One area that Elora Jean & Co. management has found particularly challenging is the involvement of the union with employee disciplinary actions and ter