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Human Resources Management

Human Resources and Strategic Leadership

I have one question that needs to be discussed. "Why Leadership"? Warren Bennis "On Becoming a Leader" Greenleaf "The Servant Leader" Bratton Grint and Nelson "The Art and Science of Leadership" Frances Hesselbein and General Eric K. Shinseki "Be*Know*Do" Thank you for your assistance.

Value of Public Administrator

Can someone discuss the following with me in detail? 1. Which resource is most valuable to a public administrator? How do limitations on authority affect the ability of public administrators to make decisions in the public's interest? 2. What steps can public administrators take to increase their flexibility and effectiven

Workforce Staffing and Placement

In the recruitment and selection of HR professionals, what is the value of HR certification (PHR, SPHR, and GPHR) to employers and to HR professionals? Should certification as a BFOQ be included in the job descriptions of HR generalists and HR directors? If so, what level of certification should be required for each position? If

AD Campaign

Create an ad campaign for AIU Online's BBA degree. Include your ideas for: Advertising (Where will you advertise and what will your message be?) Public Relations Interactive Marketing (How will you use the internet, social networking sites, mobile ads, contests, etc.?)

Evolution of Knowledge Management

How to identify similarities in the evolution of KM and HRM? Also how to identify points of integration enabling HRM to use KM to achieve organizational business goals?

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Under the FLSA, "overtime" means "time actually worked beyond a prescribed threshold." The normal FLSA "work period" is the "work week" -- 7 consecutive days -- and the normal FLSA overtime threshold is 40 hours per work week. Some jobs may be governed by a different FLSA overtime threshold (Chamberlain, 2003). These will be add

Human resource

Write an example of a HR policy that shows compliance with the civil rights act of 1964&1991, and employee monitoring.

HR Depts. Dealing with Retrning Vets

HR: The April 2004 issue of HR Magazine contained an article titled "Aftershocks of War," which said that soldiers returning to their jobs from Iraq would likely require HR's assistance in coping with "delayed emotional trauma." The term delayed emotional trauma refers to the personality changes such as anger, anxiety, or irrita

Collective Bargaining Initiatives

Evaluate the role that Human Resources plays in collective bargaining initiatives: a. Union organizing campaign b. Good-faith bargaining c. Participants in negotiations

Age & Religious Discrimination

As the new manager of human resources (HR), you remember that during the interview process, your boss (the chief executive officer [CEO]) specifically mentioned that he had heard something about the new Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) that some other local company CEOs had been dealing with. He asked you to describe for him, thr

Human capital and compensation components

What type of compensation component would you like to have through your employer that is not currently offered? Explain your rationale. Include both the benefits and disadvantages this component would bring to you as an employee and to the company.

More internal analysis

In order to fully prepare the presentation, strategic resources are necessary to obtain before starting your social networking Web site. A memo is necessary to outline the key resources and explaine their linkage to competitiveness. Prepare a memo outlining the key resources of a social networking Web site (Facebook). In the

Evaluation of the New Health Medical Systems staffing strategy

I need help with an evaluation of the New Health Medical Systems staffing strategy. The following questions should be addressed: To what degree does the staffing strategy align with the company's new strategic direction? What changes or additional recommendations would you propose be done to the staffing strategy in order to m

Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario

- Resource: Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario - Read the Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario. o How could Guillermo use budgets and performance reports in his decision-making process? o How might ethics influence his accounting decisions? o What accounting information is most relevant for Guillermo to consider when mak

Operations Management Discussion Questions

1. What skills do managers need today? Are these skills different from management skills of 50 years ago? Why or why not? Is a manager different from a leader? Explain. 2. What is operations management? What are some industries that might benefit from improved operations management? 3. How is flexibility in human resources

Unreimbursed employee expenses

In the current year Mary incures $3600 of unreimbursed employement-related travel and entertainment expenses. These expenses include the following: Airfair-$1500 Taxi fare-100 meals eaten alone while away from home-300 laundry-50 lodging-650 business meals with customers in which business is discussed-500 entertainment o

Human resource development

1. Explain the importance of identifying individual performance deficiencies and development needs in planning and developing training and HRD programs. 2.Describe the relative merits of using a trainee's coworkers as potential trainers. What should be done to ensure that a coworker is an effective trainer? Also, what are you

Functions of Public Relations Paper

Functions of Public Relations Paper *Select an organization with which is well known or you are familiar, and identify an issue within that organization that would have both organizational and societal implications. ?Explain the organizational and societal functions of PR. ?Identify an issue within that organization that wo

Organizational Behavior: Example Question

Question 1 1) Imagine that you looking to change jobs. You found a company that you are interested in and want to understand what the goals of the organization are. How would you determine what the goals of this organization are? Why do goals matter to you, employees, customers, and vendors of the organization? Ques

HRIS Application

You are an HR Consultant who was hired to provide some recommendations to an office on how to automate their HR functions. There are several issues facing this HR office for which you will provide technology recommendations. Based on the scenario provided in this assignment titled "Business Background," you will be providing som

Create a memo that outlines the key resources

Details: Abby Hunter, your former classmate and potential business partner, would like to know what resources you bring to the table and also what strategic resources are necessary to yet obtain. Create a memo that outlines the key resources and explains their linkage to competitiveness. # Objective: Select and test anal

HRM function

As organizations strive to remain competitive, there is much reliance on the management team and their ability to serve effectively in leadership roles. Managers hold a great deal of responsibility in terms of managing people and processes. The NL&C company president has just come to you, the HR Director, and asked that you

Training Modules Analysis

Analyze three training modalities. Describe a scenario that would be most appropriate for each modality and why. Include in your discussion of each scenario: · Content · Timeframe · Type of organization One advantage and disadvantage of each training modality

HRM: How will you convince management to try your ideas?

10. Suppose you are an HR professional who convinced your company's management to conduct a survey of employee satisfaction. Your budget was limited, and you could not afford a test that went into great detail. Rather you investigated overall job satisfaction and learned that it is low, especially among employees in three depar

Fairness Issues

Thanks for your help with this! A member of a restaurant's serving staff is chronically late to work. From the organization's point of view, what fairness issues are involved in deciding how to handle this situation? In what ways might the employee's and other server's ideas of fairness be different?

Human Resource management

The section on principles of justice used noncompete agreements as an example. How would you expect the use of noncompete agreements to affect voluntary turnover? How might the use of these agreements affect job withdrawal and job satisfaction? Besides requiring noncompete agreements, how could an organization reduce the likelih