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Human Resources Management

The attached file lists 50 questions regarding human resources management.


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Some of these questions were very subjective and perhaps misleading. Please make sure you compare your answers with the help I've provided. Some instructors are more "picky" than others, but if you can "justify" your points/answers, you should be okay. These answers are based on my understanding of the material. I have included explanations of some of the more "gray" areas.

1. D) The deferred profit-sharing plan

2. C) Frederick Herzberg - He proposed the Motivation-Hygiene Theory

3. B) The employer - Depending upon who is receiving the most service, the fee may be paid by either the employer or the jobseeker or both. It is not uncommon for private employment agencies to charge an employer 25 to 30 percent fee.

4. A) Several candidates simultaneously

5. This is misleading. It could be A) Mission because a mission is what your company does, ...

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The solution answers the questions with further explanations where needed.