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Security of the Human Resource Data

Recommend practices to ensure security of the Human Resource data (privacy concerns).

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To reduce the risk of theft and misuse of data and information facilities by employees and other users, human resources must develop policies and practices on the security of Human Resource data of which they are taken as a whole and which can extend not only to the internal people within the organization but also to the external users.
There is a need to define and document the security roles and responsibilities of the employees, and other stakeholders to comply with the organization's efforts to protect information privacy and security. Among the roles include protecting all information from unauthorized access and use; assignment of responsibility for actions not taken with their corresponding sanctions.
There must be a pre-employment screening for all the applicants of a job position, e.g., identity verification, criminal and credit checks, etc.
The employees, contractors and other external users should sign a statement of their rights and ...

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Practices that ensure security of human resource data. References are included.